more fantasy about k-pop

– Photo Designer, Author – Nissa is V.I.P

“Nothing can stop me from loving you, you, you..”

Nickname : Nissa

Korean Name : Dong Hee Min (동 희 민)

Twit Sign : [sMin]

DOB : July, 14th 1994

K-pop Crush(es) :

1. Big Bang [esp.Taeyang]

2. Super Junior [esp.Sungmin]

3. SHINee [esp.Jonghyun]

4. F.Cuz [esp.LeeU]

5. CN Blue [esp.Jong Hyun]

6. 2PM [esp.Chansung – Wooyoung]

7. BEAST [esp.Yoseob]

quote :

If someone tells me I did something wrong, I take it as a comment to help me fix my ways. – G-Dragon, Big Bang

contact : facebook ll twitter ll formspring ll tumblr ll blogspot

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Comments on: "– Photo Designer, Author – Nissa is V.I.P" (1)

  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah keren banget gilak sumpah itu foto gif siapa ya? ASLI GANTENG BANGET ITU LELAKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MAU DOONG DI NIKAHIN DIAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

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