more fantasy about k-pop

– Author – ayoshiari

” The more you look at me, the cooler I am… please my Baby come back to me now…”

Nickname : yosh!

Korean Name :  in searching process

Twit Sign : ayoshiari

DOB : April 22

K-pop Crush(es) :

1. SJ [they shine the brightest when they’re all 15. why do i have to choose?]

2. DBSK [xiah junsu]

3. MBLAQ [Lee Joon & Seungho]

4. SNSD [ Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Seohyun]

5. Shinee [ Minho]

6. f(x) [Amber]

7. Kara [ Nicole]

8. Bigbang [TOP]

9. OneDay [JinWoon, Khunnie, Wooyoung, Jay Park]

10. 2NE1 [Park Bom]

quote :

There can be MIRACLE… when you 13ELIEVE . – Everlasting Friends

contact : facebook ll twitter ll formspring ll cyworld ll wordpress
PS : I’m the member of LautanIndonesia, SJ-world, and SuperGenerationIndo ^^


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