more fantasy about k-pop

– Author – hyunrikim

Nickname : call me tira, mutia, or whatever you want XD butiwontsomethingbad

Korean Name: Kim Hyun Ri (김 현 리)

DOB : November, 28th 1996

K-Pop crush(es) :

1. TVXQ (esp. Kim Jaejoong 김재중 )

heismineforever XD he is so adorable!

2. Super Junior (esp. kyuhyun)

3. SHINee (esp. Minho and Key)

4. D-NA (esp. Karam and Hyunmin)

5. U-kiss (esp. Eli)

6. 2pm (esp. Nichkhun)

7. CN Blue (esp. jungshin)

8. Beast (esp. Dong Woon)

9. MBLAQ (esp. Joon)

GB? i like Wonder girls as the most, 4minute, f(x), After school, etc…lol

Quote :

I’ve changed my mind.  i like people with “pretty” heart. This is the truth. girls, it’s still about the inner beauty

-Kim Jaejoong-

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  1. vionaminho said:

    anyeong cing^^
    w reader bru d blog nie…
    boleh minta fb cingu gx???

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