more fantasy about k-pop

– Author – Choi Ahra



March 18th 1994, i was born.


You know when you get me addicted to something.

I’m addicted to 2min, they are my drugs.

” Love is timeless. So does ours”

It’s funny how you guys keep imagining, writing, hoping a happy ending lovestory but sadly sometimes, no.

But still, who is ever thought that people will come and go, shattered heart remains pain?

I hate mortality. I hate death. and I hate to know that none in this world is immortal.

And thus i walk in life,

carrying a hope that, perhaps, i can fly.

Meet me on:

xxcmh09 [Twitter], [Tumblr], (nadhila fildza) [Facebook] [Livejournal: for SHINee Yaoi Fic only] [Formspring]

I’m a 2MIN shipper

The reason i run is choi minho – my romeo, my jojo, my oxygen.

‘Do you know who am i? I’m undefeatable warrior,’ Lee Taemin

and so am i, ah ra.

i dance and write.

i’m as competitive as minho

and i cant stand to lose.


Comments on: "– Author – Choi Ahra" (6)

  1. Nadya 최은리 Minholic said:

    do you have an acccount on facebook?

  2. hey someone asking for you, nadila xD

  3. hello mrs.choi ^^ *wavinghands*
    love to read all your fanfics esp. written in english
    I love your words kekeke~

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