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Title: Immortal

Author: Choi Ahra

Rating: G

Pairing: 2min

Genre: AU [Alternate Universe], Romance, English Fanfiction [i’m major, and minor in bahasa now, crap]

Summary: Because there’s no such thing that you called, immortal, maybe.

a/n: having a hard time writing self insert fanfiction, instead i’m getting good in 2min and onkey, pleasing me well. x-posted on my livejournal. I don’t recieve any SHINee fiction request beside 2min/onkey due to some personal reasons ^___^



There’s no such thing as immortal.

” Where do you want to go?”

” To save your life.”

” Don’t leave me..”


” You said you were going to be with me forever – “

” I did, and i really do, really will.”

And those hands place on both of my cheeks, stroke it gently.

” Even if it’ll take a long time for us to meet again,”

I shut my eyes.

Tears are filled on the lids – holding back the shattered heart.

Why do we need to get apart, when actually fate confronted us?

” You know i love you.”

The togetherness we shared isn’t immortal either.


” We shall meet again, one day.”




” Taemin?”

Kibum’s voice made Taemin to open his eyes. His gaze was blurred. Something which is like water, was wetting his eyes.

” Why did you cry in your sleep?”

Taemin was stunned and slowly, he touched his face. There was a dry trail of tears on his cheeks.

Kibum sighed as he cupped Taemin’s face softly. ” Why were you crying?”

Taemin fell in silent.


Himself didn’t know it either.

It was only a dream.. right?


After taking bath and putting clothes on his body, Taemin decided to drift down on the street. Didn’t know what he should do, Taemin turned his direction to nearest park. Taemin shivered a bit as the windy air blowing around.

Taemin walked quietly. His mind was dazed off. He looked down to his shoes and the path.

That dream had been repeated for countless time.

A dream about parting.

A bid farewell.

Taemin didn’t know who and who whom appearing in his dream. As long as Taemin could remember, their voices were low, husky, full of pain, and love.

Taemin, somehow, could feel their feeling clearly.

Even though he didn’t know because of what and why they parted, Taemin still could know.

Doesn’t it feel familiar?

Taemin bit his lips.

It’s like .. me..

.. who really went through it.

But once again, Taemin didn’t know who was the guy that left.. him..



Even though it was like already happened hundred years ago..

Taemin could picture the empty feeling.

and endless faithfulness.

Why did Taemin feel like to believe something – or even someone – he had never seen before?

Taemin closed his eyes.

Who is he..

Somewhere inside his heart indeed was empty.

It was not right.

I feel like.. fall, broken, into pieces.

Who are they.

Who are you…

” You!! Watch out!!”




Where am i?

Why am i walking alone?

There’s nothing here.

I walk silently and suspiciously looking around me.

Nothing grabs my attention, unless the meadow spreaded as wide as i can see.

But actually, the warmth that wrapping my body makes me smile.

I feel peaceful.

” Hey.”

I almost jumped in jolt. I turn back my heel to see whose voice calling me.

A tall guy with big eyes and sharp nose, actually smiling at me.

Soon, i widen my eyes.

I never know him.

” How long it had been?”

We never met before.

He still smiles at me, clearly enjoying the shock which is drawn all over my face.

” As our promise, we really meet again, don’t we?”

I really don’t know, but..

When he opened wide his arms, i run to him right away.

Giving a longing hug which i had missed so much.

He rubs my hair softly while the tears are finally running down.

” I’m back.”




Taemin, slowly, opened his eyes. He felt dizzy. His head was like going to explode or what but he was sure someone bang his head by a ball. That’s why he fell unconcious.

He still could not see clearly whose face above him.. looking at him worriedly..

Taemin blinked.

Who is he?

Then Taemin found out he was laying on someone’s lap. Taemin glanced over that guy secrety..

and his eyes went wider.

A tall guy with big eyes and sharp nose.

” I’m sorry! Are you alright? I was unintentionally flying that stupid ball – or actually the stupid one is me – and hit your head! Glad you’ve woke up now! So is there anything that still hurts you? and oh! My name is Choi Minho! Actually i just moved to here so – ”

That guy named Choi Minho stopped his words and stunned as his gaze met with Taemin’s.

” You..”

Taemin never met Minho before, and so did Minho.

But why did each other feel familiar?

There’s no such thing as immortal.

In a shock, Minho stroked Taemin’s cheeks softly.

” I’m back.”

Those words kept echoing inside Taemin’s mind.

That dream was real.

That guy, who always appeared in his dream, was Minho.

Unconciously, tears were fallen down from both of their eyelids.

But somehow, feelings that they bring will never be gone.

And their new love story was actually, about to begin.


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  1. fate ?
    I just can’t say a single word except ‘wow’ xD

    and oh please don’t kick me because i’m *cough* imagine *cough* it was minho and I –v

  2. Choco9taem said:

    first,i think it’ll be tragic fanfic
    Taemin and his destiny hohoho *slap

    but ahra ssi…
    i still waiting ‘Because i really love you’ and ‘acknowledge it,it’s shinee sangtae’ part 6b *kicked

    Great Fanfic Ahra ssi

  3. huahhh nice fanfict ^^bb
    im new reader in here (?) maybe ><

  4. ck, nice ff . 😀
    i can’t say anything .
    Just ‘wow so sweet’ 😀
    can you make a 2min ff again ??
    I really2 love this couple 😀

  5. author… ajarin aku buat fan fiction yang keren-keren kayak punya author…

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