more fantasy about k-pop

our 1st anniversary is going to come soon on 23rd November 😀

since it’s our anniversary so we want our reader to celebrate it with us, there are some events that you can join :

1. Fanfic competition

Rules :

– pure made by your self, no plagiarism !

– Straight/yaoi is okay

– No NC/R rated. G,PG,PG-13 or PG-15 only

– No bashing artists

– self inserted fics are okay

– include Author name, summary, length and artists/pairing name,  on fic


Title: -title of story-
Author: -your name-
Pairing: Taemin/Minho
Rating: -G,PG,PG-13,PG-15-
length : -chaptered/oneshot-
Summary: – write your story about –
Warning: english, boyxboy relationship
A/N : – your message, may excluded if you didn’t have anything to say-

– English and Indonesia language are allowed

– send maximum 3 fics each person . if you decide to send  chaptered fic you just have 5 chap and not allowed to sent any fic anymore OR you may send oneshot with 3 different titles. so choose oneshot or chaptered

2. Design competition

Rules :

– design it with korean boyband/girlband pics

– include the ‘ FiF’s rule ‘ ( see it in THIS EXAMPLE )

– design and creativity are up to your self

– image in .jpg file

– size : 565×778

– one pic/design each person

P/S : send it via email , , please include your name and twitter username ( if you have so we can contact you easily ) and write ” EVENT : DESIGN ” if you want to join the design competition and ” EVENT : FIC ” for fic

– if you already join the Fic competition you still can join the Design competition

DEADLINE : 16th November 2010

POOLING : 17-21 November 2010

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT : 23 November 2010

fics and design will be posted at this blog, the most commented fic and design will be announced as ‘ Most Favorite Fic/Design ‘ and the most selected in pooling session fic and design will be announced as ‘ The Best Fic/Design ‘ so we need your participation for comment or just join the pool later, if you already submit your fic and design you may join pool and just allowed to reply comments from readers and may comment another fics you like

*coming soon : prize, another events and rule if nedded

questions ? comment here or tweet us @FansinFiction (make sure your account is unlocked to tweet us )

please participate 🙂



-fanfic accepted lists-

1. Little Kid by Annastasya N.P

2. Angel Without Wings by Happy Simamora

3. Black Car by Happy Simamora

4. Say That You Loved Me by Happy Simamora

5. Because of Wine by Shadeena

6. Let Go by Seo Eunmi

– Design Accepted –

Designs accepted can be seen HERE



  1. hello, can I ask something? May I send fic that’ve already published in the other blog? But it’s really created by me.. Thx..

  2. I wanna ask smthing.. what will I get If I send my ff,join this cmpetition?

    • you will get you fic posted. if your fic win.. you will get ‘ special ‘ gift from us, probably. we still discussing what will we give to the winners, but we already have some idea for that

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