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Because We Are Just Damn Fine

Title: Because We Are Just Damn Fine

Author: Choi Ahra

2min x G x drabble x fluff

Warning: i wrote 2min pairing – not their shipper or dislike this? gtfo 8D and i used english. dont like dont read. i’ve warned you lmfao.

a/n: actually i’ve posted this on my livejournal which contains major 2min fics and other SHINee pairings such as JongKey/OnKey (i wrote remake of my previous fics into 2min too LOL perhaps onjongkey later lmfao)

and i just want to share here. credit goes to me and my livejournal.

p.s: my english sucks, don’t you think? sorry before *hides*


I know you.

I see you.

I find you in the darkness.

You are just so damn fine.

when i lay my head on your lap, i know too i need to keep you safe. the sweet scent that wont disappear, how much i like it, too huge.

because, yes, you, and me, without need to say, i’ve given whole attention to you only.

we know each other too well until sometimes, we easily get misunderstood.

that’s why we learn together.

cuddling is the best way to show our relationship, in a weird way. or sometimes by clinging.

you see… it’s just so fine.

i just like you too much. even if you don’t, i will still watch over you.

When I see you hanging around with other guy, i only can sigh deeply.

Perhaps it’s like you’re ignoring my existance, who walking quietly behind you.

I’m burning in jealousy, honestly.

You’re laughing with him, joking around, and embracing each other.

Crap! – that’s what i’m thinking.

” Minho-hyung?”

Minho lifted his chin up. Taemin was titling his head aside innocently. ” is there something wrong?”

Minho shook his head and tried to smile – even though he knew it was half hearted smile. ” nothing. you’re having fun with Jonghyun hyung, aren’t you?”

Taemin nodded. ” But i’m worried. are you weary?”

” No. I’m okay, Taemin-ah. My mind just didn’t go well with me.”

” Umm.”

Taemin rubbed Minho’s back and silently linking his fingers to Minho’s.

Then he smiled, secretly.

The moment i see you smile, i know that kind of smile is given to me only.

” Love you, Minho Hyung.”

The moment you said you loved me, all i could do is smile.

I know.

I know everything.

Minho could not help it but smile as well.

Because by rubbing my back, linking our fingers, and smiling,

I know i have a special place in your heart.

” Oh, Taeminnie,” Minho whispered, ” Thank you.”

Taemin gigled.

Because you, and i, are so fine.

Because we are just damn fine, together.

” I love you too, by the way.”


Comments on: "Because We Are Just Damn Fine" (6)

  1. joannataemints said:

    unnie ah!
    It’s too short..

    ah i want laugh every i read ff yaoi 2min XD
    Nice job unnie ahra d^^b

  2. aww aw~
    so sweetnyaaaaaa :3

  3. aih~~~
    yap, ff 2min daebak! kerasa bgt chemistry-nya, romantis gimana~~~ gitu tp ga terkesan cheesy…love it, mskipun cemburu jg sih, hohoho

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