more fantasy about k-pop

Title: only one is you in my life
Author: tamiionyuu
Cast: SHINee 2min, slight onkey
Genre: fluff ?
Rating: PG-13
Word length: 706
a/n:i want to post this fic to my LJ acc, but i’m afraid DDD: i made this fanfic for my html task too. this is un-beta’ed *bowing*


Minho have been weird. He act like nothing happened. But Taemin notice it. Minho always let his life deep in loneliness.
Today, they have so much schedule. Taemin entered their van and sit on very back seat.

“hyung, there’s a space beside me. You can sit here” Taemin said gladly. But Minho didn’t happy for that. Minho look at front. there’s no one sit there. Minho decide to sit in front. Instead, Taemin with onew in very back seat.

Even they were in their van, minho didn’t want to sit beside Taemin. Even Jonghyun, Key, and Onew teasing each other with their jokes. Minho just show a bitter smile to them. And Taemin just show a fake smile.


Taemin decide to asked Key about this. He walked to the Kitchen. But Taemin stops his move because Key and Onew were kissing. He don’t want to break their kiss even His appa and umma makes him envy. He never like that with his lover. Onew notice that Taemin was there. Onew pulled himself “we continued later” Onew whispered on Key’s ear and kiss his neck and go outside.

“umma” Taemin with his aegyo hugged his beloved umma from back. “I’m envy with you”

“hmm? What on the earth my beloved son say like that” Key flinched and turned his face to Taemin. “your face seem pale, honey. Tell me what’s wrong with you” Key give a kiss on Taemin’s forehead.

“ngg.. nothing” Taemin sat on the couch. Key offered a glass of hot chocolate to his son.

“is there anything wrong with your lover, son?” Taemin gasped. Key always know about what Taemin feels everytime.

“how do you know that?”

“that’s what umma for, babo!” Taemin just quite. He bit his lower lips and nodded slowly.

“yeah, there’s something I wanna asked to you” Taemin said. “don’t you feel that Minho hyung was weird around this time ?”

“hmm.. I don’t think so. maybe he feels tired with our schedule”

“but hyung, he don’t want to sit beside me. Is that called tired ?”

“then you should to speak with him, dear. Go and ask him what wrong” Key advised Taemin with his wise words.

“I’m … scared. I don’t think Minho hyung will listen to me” Taemin eyes about to crying. Key put his arms on Taemin’s shoulder.

“I know. But you should to talk with him. maybe he has some problem. And if that’s true the one who can make he feels better is you. he only need you, not Onew, not Jonghyun, not me, but you. You’re his life, dear” Key show his sweet smile to his son. “go talk with him now, alright?”

“fine, I’ll try to speak with him.” Taemin nodded his head. “thanks umma, I love you “ he kissed key’s cheek.

“love you too”

Taemin going to the Minho’s room. When he’s in front of the door, Taemin stop his step and try to take a deep breathe. ‘fighting!’ he whispered to himself. Taemin opened the door and see Minho sitting in his bed.

“Minho-hyung ?” Minho didn’t turned his body to see Taemin. He keep silent until Taemin wrapped his waist. Minho stood up immediately. They were in eye contact. Taemin notice that Minho’s face was pale than yesterday.

“what’s wrong with you, hyung? You don’t want me anymore? or you have another girl outside there?” Minho keep looked at Taemin. Suddenly he hugged his lover.

“h-hyung, what’s wrong with ….”

“please … just for a while” Minho closed his eyes. Taemin feel his lover’s body was warm. Taemin put his palm into Minho’s forehead.

“hyung, are you cold?” Taemin wants to stood up. But Minho keep holding on Taemin’s arm.

“this is why I don’t want beside you for a while. I don’t want make you worried about me”

“stupid! Because of that I’m became worried than you think!”

“I’m …. Sorry for that” Minho cried silently. Taemin knows that Minho already make him in curiosity. He feel guilty because he ever get angry with Minho. Recently, Taemin give a deep kiss to his lover.

“you have to get rest. I’ll be here to make you warm’ Taemin hugged Minho and they were sleep together.


Comments on: "[one shot] only one is you in my life" (10)

  1. Aaaa 2min ❤ uhm OnKey kissed wow wow o_o lol, nice ff anyway! 🙂

  2. thanks 😀 glad you like it 🙂

  3. mynameisCASSIE said:

    Wah Taem nakal ya kecil2 udah deep kiss *jewer* XD

  4. jangan dijewer, ntar minho marah hahaha xD

  5. joannataemints said:

    Waaah taeminnie…
    our magnae can do deep kiss..i want it..
    haha i always like ff 2min
    good job author

  6. mynameisCASSIE said:

    Berarti jewer minho aja..pasti dia yg ngajarin taem tuh.khkhkh

    eh tp kalo jewer mingo,author ahra yg marah..ya kan? Hehehe

  7. mynameisCASSIE said:

    Sorry, i mean minho

  8. @joanna thanks ^^
    @mynamen ntar kak ahra marah lagi sama aku kalo minhonya dijewer XD

  9. uwoo~~~ ntah mengapa tiap ktmu ff 2min bawaanya seneng sekaligus jealous!! aih…mreka slalu so sweet 🙂

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