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[one shot] Love Still Goes On

Title: Love Still Goes On
Author: tamiionyuu
Cast: SHINee onkey, slightly Minho
Genre: romance, drama, slighty angst
Rating: PG-13
Word length: 447
Summary: Kibum not want to continued his life.
a/n: well, i made this for my html task. i don’t have an idea for fill my task. this is un-beta fic. i’m sorry if i have some mistake on writing *bowing*


‘do you know what is life ?’ I always asked to myself. What is life ? yeah, I’m alive in this world with kinds of trouble, happiness, sadness, etc. I love to life. Because I have people who always supported me, everytime.

But since yesterday, I want to committed suicide I heard that …. Jinki has gone.

I got news from Minho, Jinki’s friend. Jinki was killed by an accident. He was going to hill for his experiment and he fell from crag. His body is not found. Police just found Jinki’s identity card. Maybe he was eaten by a wild animal. Or something.

How dare you Jinki, you leave me alone, in this world. There’s nothing me to do without you.

I miss your hands, which always stroke my hair. I miss your lips, which always give me a deep kiss. I miss your smile, which always colored my life. I miss you, Lee Jinki. I walked to somewhere that there’s a sea under the crag. Just one more step I’ll fall into the deep sea. And I’ll die.

‘Jinki yah, for what i’m still alive until now, but you’re not beside me?’ I closed my eyes and ready to die. ‘Wait for me, Jinki’

‘NO, KIBUM!’ someone screamed to me. But I already jump to the sea.

I just closed my eyes, I know my heavy body will sinking bit by bit into the deep water. I run out of oxygen and accidentally opened my mouth. My vision starting to blur. I almost lost my consciousness.

‘Kibum’ someone called me. I trying to open my eyes. And I saw Jinki with all-white-clothes. He smiling at me. I try to smile to him.

‘Kibum, you have to alive. Don’t worry about me. Don’t you dare leaving your family. You’re only child. Same like me.’ I want to answer, but I can’t. suddenly I’ve lost my consciousness.


i slowly opened my eyes, blinking my eyes for a while. where am I ? am I already in heaven ? where’s Jinki ?. I looked around me. This is hospital. I’m not die. I’m still alive.

‘Kibummie, are you awake ?’ someone asked me and i crying loudly. I get off my bed and hug him.

‘I miss you, Lee Jinki. You make me worried. Don’t you dare leave me anymore’ I’m glad because Jinki was saved. He’s saved. Even his body is full of wound.

‘I’m sorry, I would not leaving you. But, promise me you will not trying to suicide again. That’s almost make me want to die’ Jinki gave a kiss on my forehead and he kissed me lightly on my lips.


Comments on: "[one shot] Love Still Goes On" (5)

  1. aaaaaa Kibummie please dont kill yourself ! its only make all worse than before ;_; you know Jinki will always stay by your side, bb ~

    love it btw <333

  2. thanks appanim 🙂
    actually i want to make an angst fic, but i canceled it ;__;

  3. Love it! OnKey<3

  4. glad you love it ^^

  5. DAEBAK!
    When I read it..
    I think both of them was die, specially when Key drowned..
    But the ending was so sweet..Like it..:)

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