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Title: Fireworks, Tears, and Happiness (2/?)
Author: Choi Ahra
Cast: Jonghyun/I/She (Depends on how i write it)
Genre: drama
Rating: PG-13 [because it’s a drama fiction]
Word length: [for now] 992
Summary: when a girl broke up with her everything. and Jonghyun stayed by herside.
Warning: english fic. dont like dont read. i’ve found some people complaining about english fic. i’ve got the permisson from founder, just saying =)

Since then, me, who never cried hard before, eventually I did.

Even though I had never shown my tears in front of public but Jonghyun knew. He always knew, what did I feel, what did I cry of.

I shutted my eyes slowly.

The day I found out he cheated was the most frightening day.

Ever since I lived, I had never guessed he would cheat over me.

” Who? Him?’
I replied by yes on our chat – we had known each other by facebook. his name is Kiseop. He was a nice guy and he was my ex-boyfriend’s friend. that time (before broke up) he added me because what he knew what, I was his girl.
And when we broke up, the first one who pitied me was him.
He asked for a chat and I accepted it. He asked about how I was. It needed couple minutes to explain and he felt sorry.

Out of curiousity, I asked about my ex’s new girlfriend.

” She’s less pretty, less smart than you and less rich than him.”

I gulped my saliva down. It’s not like I’m to brag but when we went out, I’m richer than him in many different fucking levels.

And he chosed a girl who less everything than me.

Before I knew the reason, Kiseop already stated,

” Because he has met new world, that’s why he left you.”

~from 3rd person’s perspective of Jonghyun~

Kim Jonghyun was struggling with kind of virtual game which he had not ended it. He grumbled while playing it, complaining how hard (and he still played it).

Then his phone was vibrating. Jonghyun stopped his play and stared at his phone. Its screen showed the interupting-his-play-time caller.

It was her.

Jonghyun paused the game and picked up the phone.

” Hello?”

All Jonghyun could hear was a sobbing voice uncontrollably. Jonghyun started to feel worry, what’s going on with her.

” Um. Jonghyun..”
” Yes?”
There was a silence remained in the hovering space between.

And before Jonghyun knew, she said everything.

” I called him today, asking why he left me. Asking about everything. Even I begged of him to be back again.

But then..”

Jonghyun could tell she was trying hard to hold back her broken heart who had ripped badly.

Jonghyun knew every single simple thing concerning her, even before she spoke.

He knew her too well more like herself.

” He cursed on me.”

Jonghyun widened his eyes.

” He said I’m nothing but waste. I should not come into his life. I should not bother him. I should not.. Trust him. I should not believe the sweet words he had promised. Or telling me I’m on a same level with.. Bitch.”

Bitch is very, stupid, repugnant word to describe her.

It’s even far from the reality, for God’s sake.

Jonghyun almost bursted in anger.

But she had cut Jonghyun’s anger first.

” I’m gonna talk to him, by tomorrow. He has agreed.”

Jonghyun, almost, lost his speech.

Out of smooth plans to solve, why must it be a meeting?

You are gonna get hurt, Jonghyun whispered.

” .. After talking with that stupid fucking dumbass guy, you shall come to my house.”

That’s all Jonghyun could say.

One thing she didn’t know, how much Jonghyun loved her, and how hurt it felt, seeing the heart of girl he loved, shattered badly.

so then by tomorrow, Jonghyun waited calmly, at least he was trying to.

Jonghyun spent half of the day with playing game as sometimes he looked at the clock, wondering why hadn’t she appeared.

Two hours. Three hours. Four hours.

Five hours.

Someone finally pressed the bell.

Jonghyun kicked the sheet which wrapped his legs and running down the stairs. He reached the knock and opened it, showing a small figure standing in front of him.

Jonghyun’s eyes went two times wider.

A girl with puffy eyes, runny nose, red cheek on the right side, with trail of tears dried on her face.

So then without saying anything, Jonghyun grabbed her wrist, pulling the girl to her room. Jonghyun searched an warm, wet towel then rubbing it to her face, who still remained in silence.

Jonghyun’s heart was like ripped, seeing her in such a painful look.

” What’s happened?”

She fell silent, instead. Jonghyun gripped both of her arms, almost yelling. ” What did that jerk do to you?!”

Finally, those shaking lips, let out the answer.

” He slapped me.”

Jonghyun was stunned.

” And..”

What else could be that bad?

” He said that I should be .. Gone.”

Tears started running down on her cheeks.

” And he said, Jonghyun, you should not stay by myside.”

Jonghyun choked the words he wanted to scream out loud. Her head was bowed down, looking at those cold floors.

” Are you planning to leave me as well, Jonghyun?”

Her question was suprising Jonghyun. She clenched her fist.

” Because..” She stopped for a while. She closed her eyes, gathered strength which major lost.

” I don’t deserve to be loved.”

By gritting his teeth, Jonghyun pulled her into a tight embrace.

” Wrong,” Jonghyun whispered, ” believe me. It’s wrong.”

Jonghyun could felt something wetted his fabric of cloth. He knew she was crying silently. Jonghyun tightened his hug, breathing slowly next to her ear.

” Don’t meet him again. You have me, okay? We’re gonna make yourself fine. I will never leave you. I promise. Even if the world ends, no.”

She sobbed hard. ” But why..” She asked in low, husky voice, ” why did he say I don’t deserve to be loved?”

” He’ll regret it.”

” Can I have him back?”

If you know I love you so much.

” I don’t know, because..”

Who knows the silent bird eventually crying hard before fluttering its wings?

She is shining. She doesn’t know at all.

And that idiot broke her illumination.

” It’s called true love if both of you need each other.”

I’ll repair her broken wings.

” And believe me, you really have me beside you.”

Just please,

Don’t cry.


Comments on: "Fireworks, Tears, Happiness (2/?)" (8)

  1. Gooooood job *as always* hhe
    loveeeee ur imaginations~
    so wild n unique

    ini blm akhir kan ra?
    Brharap besar happy ending, hhe

    • nyehehehe thankyou so much for loving this wild imagination XD

      belom kok. kira2 satu chap lagi kali atau dua XD

      okeee ditunggu ya 😉

  2. Continue it, unnie:) nice ff and looove your words! Kekeke ^^

  3. _loverholic said:

    ohmy …
    onnie, this is the best ff that i’ve ever read. good job onnieeee~ i love all of ur words~ xD
    kekeke *hugs jjong*

  4. Okay. Really. Good. One
    waiting next chapt~ :3

  5. ah~~~ sumpah, suka bgt ama chapter ni…kena bgt feelnya, jd ngerasa dipeluk dan dibisikin ama jjong klu dia bakal ttp di sisi aq *ngayal 😀

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