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Title: Fireworks, Tears, and Happiness (1/?)
Author: Choi Ahra
Cast: Jonghyun/I
Genre: drama
Rating: PG-13 [because it’s a drama fiction]

Word length: [for now] 467
Summary: when a girl broke up with her everything. and Jonghyun stayed by herside.
Warning: english fic. dont like dont read. i’ve found some people complaining about english fic. i’ve got the permisson from founder, just saying =)
A/N: nothing. just, enjoy.

first time making such an emotional fic.

I felt like i was gonna die.

It was all dark.


And how come.. it turned like this..

There’re some people under unlucky circumtance. Like when you, lived, with not understanding family, and not-so-faithful friends.

And i, as a girl, got it all.

Actually i could command a suicide. How it pressured me. How it forced me. How it hurt me.

But somehow it turned me, like an ice hearted. Never cried. Never felt the real happiness.

And at the same time, i always smiled.

How fake.

Though I was able to do everything. I told myself how almighty i am. How unbeatable.

Because, it was only my strength to carry on. Even i had never relied on Jonghyun, the one who only close with me.

I was supposed to not trust any one. Anything.

They were fragile, and i could break them.

Or, perhaps, it would be me, who would be broken.

So then i never had trusted anything else..

Until he came.

He, who changed my life for a year.

He, who always put a smile and warm hearted.

The only one who could break the awkward wall inside my heart.

“ Let’s watch fireworks together, someday,” he asked.

I smiled.

“ Yes.”

I began to trust him. I began to open my heart. I began to look positively, in a good way.

For the first time, i cried because of something.

For the first time, i laughed of joyfulness.

Back then i thought, i was perfectly happy. He was always by myside. He, who had never, turned me down. He, who always, stayed in faithfulness.

I found something to believe, at least, i thought.

But then, i was wrong.

Because even a year later, we had never watched fireworks together, and it would never be.

Ever since i lived, i had never felt humilated.

That night.

I felt dejected.

I felt numb.

I reached my phone, pressing Jonghyun’s number, calling him.

“ Hello?” a bright voice soon heard. Kim Jonghyun was never changed.

“ It’s me.”

“ What’s up?”

I was about to tell him, but my mouth was heavy.

Soon, tears was gathering around on the lid.

“ Wait..” His voice was sounded worried, “ what’s going on?”

I wondered why Jonghyun always cared about me, who got a dark side, cold-hearted, hypocrite.

Jonghyun got a smile who always you want to believe even if you are the most stupid of the stupids.

Jonghyun is just so fine.

So then, I closed my eyes.

It hurts.

It was all ripped.

Into a pieces.

“ I broke up.”


“ Jonghyun, he – “

That’s why, i shall never trust on anyone.

It’s all lie.

“ he cheat on me, soon after attending college.”

The fireworks would not be seen together, apparently.


Comments on: "Fireworks, Tears, and Happiness (1/?)" (7)

  1. OMG puasakuuu,
    ak menitikkan air mataaa 😥

    aduuuh rasanya ‘jleb jleb jleb’
    AAAAAAAAAAAAA ahra lagi2 keren banget,
    ngena bangeeet TT_TT

  2. oh my …
    this is how you felt, ahra ? omg i dunno what to say ;_;
    anyway this is good :]

  3. *speechless
    I love your words !
    *really dunno what to say, totally impressed by this ;___;

  4. wow, so different ff story…nice 🙂

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