more fantasy about k-pop

Title: iTunes Drabble – Conversations by Phonecall

Author: Choi Ahra

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Slight Crack [perhaps]

Pairing: Taemin/You

Rating: G

Warning: English Fic. Dont like, dont read. Pretty much fluff words by Taemin. Un-betaed. Probably contains lot of typos or fail engRish. i have no time to check it out.

Summary: phonecalls. i think the title has explained it already D:

A/N: this is a request from @sheilaananta @sashalicia and one of our admin @yulianese. actually from some of Taemints too but again because of my short term memory loss, i forgot.

p.s: i will write SHINee Sangtae 5 and Because I Really Love You chapter 23 in no time, perhaps. i just dont know how things work out now. i forget the plot already. stupid me. i need longer time, could i?


iTunes Drabble – Conversations by Phonecall

1. Real – SHINee

“ I have no.. girlfriend. Yet.”

You was about to kick the sheet off. Taemin lied on the tvshow. Supposedly, Taemin GOT a girlfriend whom is You. But then, you had nothing to complain of since Taemin was a celebrity. Lie is the artist’s language.

So ocassionally, Taemin did not want to reveal his relationship.

Imagined how many Taemints who would command a suicide if he told the world, ‘hello there shawols, umm so yes this cute maknae got girlfriend and –‘

Sure enough you did not want to be hundreds of fangirl’s dead meat target.

You sighed and arched your back upon the couch, as the phone was ringing.

“ Yeobseo?” you picked up the call lazily, and a cheerful voice heard from other side.

“ Hi! How’s everything going?”

“ Taemin,” You smiled, “ why did you call me?”

“ I miss you.”

Sure enough, Taemin believes that action speaks louder than words.

You knew well, Taemin is yours.

2. Year of Us

You grumbled over the way to your house. It was already night. Even when you got home, you still let some of cussing words out and snorted like a horse.

Fuck fuck fuck this day.

Today you got extremely bad day, started from had classes at school, a stack of homeworks, met bunch of diehard shawols who always goes like ‘Kyaaaa, Taeminnie Oppa! SHINee Oppa!’ and stared deadly on girls who claimed SHINee as their.

Labile? Yes. You felt so. But then you decided to shut the fuck up and jerked yourself onto bed. You were sleepily tired. Slowly you shutted your eyes.. sleeping.. and a call was being rang.

“ umm….”

“ why are you sounding about to pass out?”

That was Taemin’s voice. You rubbed your eyes lazily, half awaken. “ Because im too tired..”

“ Aw.” Taemin sounded guilty, “ am i calling you in a wrong time?”

Absolutely, yes, your heart spoke but of course you even would not dare to say that. Finally you mumbled random voice but basically it was saying, ‘it’s fine.’

“ Well,” Taemin chuckled, “ I just want to say happy four months! It’s already 12am!”

HECK. THAT WAS YOUR FOURTH ANNIVERSARY. You straightened your back shockedly.

“ OH YES.”

And how could you forget?

“ I’ll make you happy.”

He sounded like proposing. But suprisingly, that sentence had purged your annoyance of the day. You smiled unconciously.

“ .. yes.”

3. Shout Out

“ Look,” You fumed through the call, “ You are TOO TIRED, Lee Taemin. You need some rest! Dont let tight schedule overwhelm you!”

“ Listen,” Suddenly Taemin was like holding his temper, “ I AM in entertainment world. I must work hard and surpass every obstacle that came!”

“ But your health comes first! You are not going to let yourself faint stupidly on bed, right, due to fatigue?!”

“ I just dont want to disappoint fans, hyungs, and you!”

“ Me?!” you rolled your eyes even though Taemin could not see you, “ I will be more proud if you take a bedrest now and not to make cramp or muscle pain over your body.”

“ You dont understand!” Taemin’s voice raised a row, making you driven in madness.

“ FINE,” finally you exploded, “ alright, i dont mind again of what you are gonna do. Later!” and soon, you turned off the call. You threw your phone to your bed and sitting down harshly on a chair.

You shook your heads in astonishment, why did Taemin push himself too hard. You understand it well about entertaiment world but heck, Taemin was being stubborn. And now you two got a fight. Wonderful, you thought.

But then, a call was being got in line. You picked it up immediately.

“ What?” you snapped lazily.

“ Umm, im sorry. I think you were right. I pushed myself .. after long thinking.. i guess i was being rude.”

See? He’d come around eventually.

“ Dont overwork yourself. You know im worried about you. I concern your health more than everything.”

“ I know. I just dont want to give up in entertaiment world. I need to work harder.”

“ Alright, alright, big baby. Now why dont you sleep just like ive told you?”

“ Oh. Okay. Good night. Thank you for scolding and worrying me.”

“ Who do you think i am?”

“ You? Everything, for me.”

Soon, your cheeks were blushed.

“ … Sleep now, will you.”

You hold your embarassement of joyfulness, actually.

4. Love Still Goes On

You just finished your dinner and then you walked quietly to your room. You turned on your computer and start browsing, opening some sites. Put it simple, you browsed every news of Taemin or newest fanphotos of him. You got amazed by the fans who could take pics in nice quality with good poses of SHINee, especially Taemin.

Soon, your phone was ringing.

“ Yes?” You picked it up without took your eyes off from screen.

“ Hello there,” a bright voice was being heard, “ what are you doing now?”

“ Me? Nothing. Sitting down in front of screens. My occupation is netizen now,” you joked. Taemin laughed. “ So are you gonna stalk me?”

“ Probably?”

“ But you already have me.”

“ Is it counted as stalking? Besides, i’m a fan of Key.”

“ Ya!” the other half-shouted, “ what? could you retell your last word?

“ Im a fan of Key.”

“ Oh. So i should turn my way back to dorm, then.”

Your fingers stopped clicking buttons. “ Eh?” you wrinkled your forehead, “ where are you now?”

“ The answer is, you need to go to your front window and take a look. Try it.”

You stood up and walking fast as he told. You flipped aside the curtain, looking for something.

Or perhaps, someone.

Your eyes went wider. “ Taemin!” you almost called his name loudly, but it could awake whole of family’s members. You glanced from left to right, and then you stepped slowly, trying to not make any sound, out to your home. You pulled Taemin and glaring at him unbelieveablely, who was wearing oversized hat and scarf.

“ What are you doing?!”

“ dropping by here.”

“ for what?!”

“ visiting you,” Taemin replied, “ isn’t that obvious?”

“ What the – “

“ I miss you,” He smiled innocently, “ i just could not get enough with phonecalling.”

You were stunned immediately. You were lost of words. You nearly could not believe what Taemin had said.

You sighed with a long deep breathing and squatted down, bending your head lower, gripped around your neck.

“ What..” your voice was shaking nervously, “ i thought it was about something. You visited me at the midnight? How if neighbours find you?”

“ I’m in a perfect disguise. No one will find me.”

“ How can you be so confident..”

“ Believe me. I just can run away or jump to hide in shrub.”

You shook your head in disbelief. Taemin reached out your hand at pulled it so you were standing now.

“ Well. We had not met for couple weeks due to my busy schedule,” he said, “ i want to meet you.”

Then, he smiled happily. Your heart thumped crazily. Last time you saw his cute smile was about three weeks ago or more. You almost forgot the way he smile but heck, once he did that, you felt like Taemin is way much younger than you, because of his innocent, cute smile.

“ I’m on here just to see you,” he explained as he shoved his hands on both of his pockets. “ Im off to back home now. Or back dorm, if i need to say that, “ he joked, “ bye.”

You rounded your eyes. That’s it?!

So without thinking twice, you grabbed his hand right on the time.

“ Wait!”

He stopped and turning his back. You blinked, grinning sheepishly.

“ How about a cup of tea? Do you want to? To warm you up.”

He thought for seconds and he decided that, his hyungs and dorm could wait.

Again, three times in a row, he smiled.

“ Agree.”

You also knew well how much you miss him. Giving a longing served cup of tea maybe was another good way to spend more time with Taemin.

That’s why a longer time was needed, you thought.


Comments on: "iTunes Drabble – Conversations by Phonecall" (15)

  1. Yeah ~ another nice fic from you, dear ;D thanks btw ~

  2. ahhh lanjutannyaaa dooong naadd.. >//<
    masa gini doang hahaha .. another great drabbles 🙂
    reader bisa ngebayangin muka imutnya si maknae , kyaa~ jadi ngefans ama taeminnie jg niihh XDD

    • Si maknae lagi imut2nya sekarang haha aku gatau mau ngelanjutin kayak gimana XD kalo drabble kan emang gini konsepnya fufu pendek2 XD

  3. ak dan taemin (?) XD
    mesem mesem gajelas ak (>///<)

    drabble? \m/

  4. ah ahra ssi….i love u more and more!!!! *don’t missunderstanding, honey, kkkkk~~ 😀
    thx for making this drabble, really love this!! and u write my name too, ah…i feel fly high 😀
    “u feel like taemin is way much younger than u”, hahaha…yes, i’m 6 year older than him -.-, so that’s right, he is much younger than me, kekekeke~~~
    no problem for waiting because i really love u and shinee sangtae 5, i am a loyal reader for u 🙂

  5. I actually wrote this from my POV since me and taemin are a year apart but still, i was like his noona rofl.

    Of coruse I mentioned your name. I always remember what my reader wants ;D and thankyou for being a loyal reader! ♥

  6. How I love this fic! ❤ nice drabble kak 😉

  7. Taemin?0_0/sighed
    he’s too cute.rly rly cute and have a romantic side/runs
    call me everyday, everyminute, and everytime lee taemin kekeke!

    nice one, very nice one xD

  9. mgdanstaemin said:

    Could you do me a favor and write another fic like this?but make it longer and fluffier :3 loving this one fully!a hundred thumbs up, chingu!

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