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Thousand Papercranes

Title: Thousand Papercranes

Author: Choi Ahra

Genre: Fluff, angst, lemon.

Rating: PG

Cast: 2Min. Ninja!onjongkey

Word Count: 2266

Summary: ‘in which Taemin was longing for Minho’s warmth.’

Warning: err nothing. it’s just about 2min. and this is an english fic. unbeta-ed. fail english alert.

A/n: basically this was a request but dang i forgot by who. it was supposed to be posted on Livejournal but then i decided to post on here as well. hehe.


He was far from Taemin.

Far, far away.

Taemin stayed quietly as he watched Minho playing with Donghae. He bit his lips and turned back, leaving them off. He stepped inside his room which is shared with manager hyung, sitting on the edge of his bed.

He pulled out a big box from under his bed and color papers, started wrapping it.

He remembered he had made about 800, in a same shape.

He wrapped it with whole of his heart, slightly smiling, as Taemin looking at something that written on the box.

It was his wish.

Taemin sighed sheepishly.

Minho hyung..

Taemin felt like an idiot whenever he was around Minho. Like a clown, he loved to make Minho laughed. Seemed like it was his only way to pleased Minho. Of course, Minho never failed to laugh on Taemin’s innocent jokes. Being the maknae in SHINee took an advantage as the cutest.

But somehow, Taemin could not know what else to make the older boy happy.

That’s why Taemin tried his best to do that, the only thing that he could rely on.

Biggest hope, deep dream, in a legend way.

If i can finish it in time, more and more faster i make, my dream will be closer away from me.

During the 880th thing he made, he decided to ask Minho to go out with him at the weekend which only one day away. He put that thing inside the box. He stroke the ‘879’ and writing down ‘880’ on the beside. He stood up, went to Minho’s room, sneaking in.

“ Hyung?”

The rapper lifted his chin up. “ yes, dear?”

“ Umm,” Taemin curled his toes and couched his head down. “ I was wondering if you could go out with me this weekend..”

Minho smiled. “ Of course.”

By that, Taemin was extremely happy, yes.

“ Thankyou!” with an eyesmile, he left the room and dancing happily on his feet. He entered again his room and jerking himself onto bed, rolling like a baby.

Finally, he thought.

But then on the next morning, something was changed suddenly.

“ I forgot i have a promise to walk out with Dongahe Hyung tomorrow.”

Taemin was staying quiet.

Or better to say, he could not say anything.

Minho looked guilty. “ Do you want to join us, Taeminnie?”


Taemin shook his head, forcing himself to smile.

“ No..” he replied in almost husky voice, “ i dont want to.”

“ Is it fine?”

Taemin nodded. “ Yes. Why not?”

Minho saw him with doubtful gaze, but Taemin chosed to ignore it. He made himself looked, at least, cheerful, and then Taemin laughing.

“ Hyung,” he said, “ im fine! Take your time with Donghae hyung.”

Taemin lied.

Perhaps, it was the whitest lie he had ever told.

Could not hold it anymore, he went off from Minho’s sight and again, he entered his room. A ‘blam’ voice soon was being heard. Taemin worried if he acted too much this time, but he only could care less. He walked slowly next to his bed and pulled out the box. He stared at it blankly.

How lonely.

Taemin picked up some color papers, and started making it again.

120 more, and all i need is only to buckle, hook it.

And then..

Taemin tried his best to prevent his tears falling down.

He bit his lips.

‘This’ could grant my wish.

Key looked Taemin with worried gaze.

“ Taeminnie, baby,” he said in motherly voice, “ are you okay? Did you get enough sleep last night?”

Taemin smiled awkwardly.

“ I did.”

Gosh, he mumbled secretly while the Umma was checking him worriedly, how many lies i need to say again?

“ Well,” Key gripped his hand on Taemin’s shoulder, “ is something happened? With Minho, perhaps?”

Shit. Probably Key was a mind-reader or what.

Even if the world ends, Taemin would never admit that INDEED, he was lack of sleep. Or else, there were two big probabilities. First, Key would force him to tell the reason. Second, Key would smack the tallest boy because he would be pretty sure that Minho making his baby got less sleep.

Both are the worst probabilities and could damage Minho’s future life because hey even spatula could be looked so dangerous if Key held it, making sure that Minho owed his entire life because of hurting Key’s baby’s heart.

So then, Taemin shook his head.

“ I’m okay.”

In a right time, Minho appeared from his room, closing the door. He wore a white shirt and jeans for going out with Donghae. Taemin felt like his heart was being ripped perfectly.

Today was supposed to be his date with Minho.

“ Mm,” Minho asked once again with his doubtful voice, “ are you sure you dont want to join us?”

“ Yes.”

Taemin even didn’t need to think twice.

“ Oh. Alright.”

Minho stepped closer to Taemin and giving the younger boy a peck on his forehead. Taemin shutted his eyes silently.

God, why Minho’s lips felt so cold?

After kissing Taemin, he went off, leaving Taemin with his other hyungs.

Taemin clenched his fist. He gritted his teeth without saying anything.

It hurts.

Even if he had been making it all the night long, even finished it, nothing was changed.

Taemin would know he was near tearing so he sat on the couch. He watched the second oldest, Jonghyun, came out with bringing cards.

“ Guys! Wanna play a game?”

Soon enough, a loud cheering was being heard from Key and Onew. The three sat on the floor, making a circle, positioned themself. Jonghyun looked up to Taemin.

“ Dont you wanna play along?”

“ Mm, no,” Taemin refused it softly, “ im not on my mood to play, Hyung.”

“ Uh? Alright. Usually it was you who wanted to play this badly.”

Taemin smiled weakly.

By watching his hyungs played noisy, Taemin actually.. could not help anything but kept thinking Minho, over and over.

Last night, he was trying his best to wrap those things perfectly.

Last night, he forgot to take a sleep due to that.

Last night, the only thing he knew was, how to grant his wish..

So he could be with Minho again.

But why.

Taemin bit his lips.

It hurts.


All he could feel was a major headache now.

It was like his head going to explode.


Why do i feel like.. about to fall down?

“ YA! YOU! DONT BREAK THE RULE, JONGHYUN!” Key shouted. Jonghyun chuckled. “ There’s no rule in my book! So why did not you follow it and continue to play?”


Key stopped his words after heard something making falling down sound. He turned around his head. His eyes went wider as he saw a small figure laid on the floor, unconciously.

The maknae’s face was very pale.

Key, without thinking again, jumped and pulling Taemin’s arm.


Minho blinked his eyes in his way to Donghae’s dorm.

Why did he feel nervous with no reason?

Minho, really thought that, something bad was happened. He knew that he felt bad after breaking his promise with Taemin, but he made it first with Donghae.


Something feels not right.

Minho sighed and decided to walk faster. As he accelerated his walking-speed, someone called over him by phone. Minho took a look on the caller’s ID and he figured out that it was Key.

“ Yes? Hello?”

Key’s voice was uber-panic, not as cool as before. Minho needed to focus himself so he could understand what Key’s said.

And heck, it was shocked Minho a lot.

In a second blink, Minho made his way back to his dorm. He rounded his fist as he ran faster.

Nothing was stayed in his mind.

It was all blank.

No way.

No way.

Think straightly, Choi Minho. He demanded himself but fuck, it was useless. His heart was beating faster and he could feel sweat all over his body.


Just, please.

Minho only could mumble Taemin’s name and he entered the dorm roughly soon after he arrived. He made a fast pace like a wind to Taemin’s room, and opened the door in a huge worriedness.

“ Taemin..”

But then, he froze for couple seconds.

There were lot of papercranes around inside Taemin’s room.

“ Minho,” Key stood up in a suprise when the rapper stepped in without any warning or knock. “ You made me got heartattack, dumbass.”

“ I beg a mercy,” Minho could not speak properly so he let out weird words, “ Almighty Key.”

Key lifted his shoulders. Minho walked next to Key.

He saw him.

His boy was sitting there on the edge of bed.

“ Taemin..”

The little boy stoned. Key patted the maknae’s shoulder softly. “ He just woke up right before you came in, Minho.”

“ Ah..”

“ I think,” Key remained silent for a while, “ Taemin didnt get enough sleep.”

Taemin bent his head down. He was scared, Minho knew it.

Key, as if he understood that they needed time to be alone, finally said, “ im gonna make a porridge for Taeminnie. Jonghyun and Jinki Hyung being like idiot twins cuz they were so helpless. Screamed. Ran around in panic after putting down Taemin. Stupid them. You’d better watch over Taemin, Minho.”

“ Eh..”

“ no excuse. Then, im off to kitchen.” And indeed, Key left those two inside.

At the end, it was only between Taemin and Minho.

After took a deep breath, Minho squatted in relief. But then he saw a box under Taemin’s bed. He pulled out from it, and stunned.

Still, another bunch of papercranes.

Minho turned around the box. It was written by lot of handwriting. All about number. 25. 60. 90. 100. 147. 280. And so on, until it reached 1000.

Minho wrinkled his forehead and continued turning around it, then he found something that took his attention.

‘ i hope i could spend more time with Minho hyung and we’ll be together forever.’

Minho looked dumbfounded. It took time until he realized something.

Could it be..

“ Tell me, Taeminnie,” Minho asked in husky, low voice, “ did you not get enough sleep because of this?”

Taemin didnt reply. Minho rised himself and sat next to Taemin.


Taemin froze in seconds and finally, he nodded silently.

“ Why?” Minho grabbed slowly the maknae’s hand, “ why you..”

“ Hyung, I..” His voice was trembling. Minho was smart enough to know that Taemin about to cry.

Taemin’s hand was cold. The small hand that Minho used to grab it often felt smaller, or it really was?

Minho realized he had not been touched his baby .. or even had private time for both.

“ I’m.. lonely, Hyung.”

Minho raised his brow.

“ What?”

“ You see..” Taemin sank himself inside his arms, “ I thought that.. I was no longer good enough to be with you, who always go out and play with Donghae hyung.”


“ And by that, slowly, we were being apart together. Hyung, dont you know i need you? Dont you know i miss you? Or do you even miss me? Did i ever cross inside your mind? Did i have my name inside your thought? Do you still recognize that, im still yours?”

Taemin was shaking upon his words. It hurt him, for real.

“ That’s why, i made this papercranes.. thousand for a simple wish which i hope, could grant my wish.. to be with you, Hyung.”

The younger boy lowered his head, tried to hold his tears.

“ I wanted to.. give this for you, Hyung, so you could see my work, dedicated for you,” he started sobbing, “ nothing much, Hyung, but i really do love you..”

Minho swallowed his saliva down. How could he never realize it before.

Maybe it was the reason why.. Taemin’s hand is colder and smaller than usual.

Because i never .. hold him again.

Minho bit his lips and his hand reached out the owner of small wrist in front of him, pulled it.

Taemin lost for words as Minho hugged him. Minho’s finger sneaked on the younger’s hair, rubbing it softly.

“ Taemin..”

Even after Minho hurt him, his deep voice sounded like a melody in Taemin’s ears.

“ Taemin..” Minho said the maknae’s name as if it was the only thing he knew.

“ Im sorry..” Minho whispered, “ Taeminnie.. Im sorry..”

“ Hyung..” Taemin shutted his eyes and tears was falling down. He sobbed immediately. “ Hyung.. How if you leave me.. What should i do..”

“ I wont,” Minho replied, making Taemin’s shivering. The hot breath ghosting his ears. “ Believe me, Taemin. Never i will.”

Minho tightened his hug. At first, Taemin was too scared but now, who cares. It felt so warm, a longing hug that he always wanted to be. So then he wrapped his arms slowly around the rapper’s waist.

And thus, Minho smiled. Taemin was hugging him back.

“ I love you, Taemin,” Minho closed the distance between them, “ i really do, much bigger than yours.”

Sure it did feel numb. The kiss tasted sour, but none of them was care much.

Because it had been such a long time.

They parted away and then cuddling each other, with a big smile.

And the papercranes were spreaded around, being the witness of the granted wish for them, to be together forever, and ever.


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  1. jisunnieee said:

    Nicely written by author fav q.. ^_^

  2. nice ff kaaak, sukses buat aku nangis kejer ihik ;__;

  3. Yeaaah ~ I’ve read this at LJ this subuh. Hahaha ~ nice nice nice. I love this

  4. ceritanya mirip sama temenku,dia bikin cerita tentang paper crane juga keke.onn,kapan fanfic pesenanku dibikin teheee?ini twitterku onn @sheilaananta, twitter onnine apaya?hehe.oh ya,fanficnya bagus! taeminnieku hehe

  5. yeah at least, still, Minho is back for Taemin only ~ but why its so sap and romantic at same time ? :’) nice !

  6. stlah lama ga brkunjung, eh aq dapet ff ahra ssi yg makin keren!!! sumpah, feelnya dapet ni, aq serasa jd taeminnie dan ngerasain sakit yg dia rasain…kyaaa, seriously, i really love this ff!!! sbnrnya temanya bs dibilang simpel ya, tp karena km ngemas ni dgn apik, jdnya aq bnr2 jatuh cinta ama ni ff! love 2min couple 🙂
    btw oot ni, tp smenjak lucifer nampaknya prhatianku agak teralihkan oleh maknae ni, jd minho sementara aq titipin k kamu ya, jaga dia baik2, aq bakal jaga maknae biar ga kesepian lagi 😀

  7. baby taem~ feel so lonely,
    don’t worry dear~ I’m here, let’s play together so minho could spent more time with ahra (?)

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