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Title: [oneshot] in the middle of star king recording’s break
Author: Choi Ahra
Cast: SJ’s Kyuhyun/She [basically the girl could be stood as anyone]
Genre: romance, slight humour. An english fic~
Rating: NC-17
Summary: during break of the recording..
Warning: PWP (porn without plot) -.- and underage readers, stay back.
A/N: basically this is a request fic from my beloved childhood friend and my dance-cover-group-mate, LS’s kahi a.k.a cho eunri :p It’s an nc and idk but I think there’re lot of failures. And forgive me if I did some typos *kneeling*

Ugh. Idk. Enjoy lol

guess what, i wrote this in the middle of physic class. bless me shisus -.-


Kyuhyun held his breath as the girl wrapped under his arms.

Both were being inside locked empty room when kyuhyun had a break from Star King recording. His girlfriend came to watch him but in second blink, she found herself pinned against the wall, and kyuhyun kissed her roughly.

The heat was unbearable.

They tried to catch their breath.
Kyuhyun trailed his fingers on her face.

” How pretty.”

The girl blushed in embarassment. Kyuhyun chuckled while kissing her lips softly but passionate. The girl was in shock at first but in a right time she kissed kyuhyun back.

Realizing upon that, kyu smiled. The kiss turned to harsh, tongue battle, and kyuhyun sucked her lips, dominating her tongue.

” Mmh.. Kyuhyun, wait..”
“Shut up. Don’t break the kiss.”

The girl stopped her words and kyuhyun licked the younger’s lips, leaving some saliva left.

They parted their kiss and kyuhyun looked at her carefully. Her face was got wetted by kyuhyun’s saliva and her cheeks blushed red, puffy.

Kyuhyun knew it was only a beginning. He started licked, tongued her neck, bend down and trailing her milky collarbone.

Slowly, kyuhyun unbottoned her shirt, pulled down her pants. Kyuhyun turned around her and by his teeth, he unclasped her bra, exposing her breasts. After that, carefully, he almost, nearly, ripped her panties until the girl snapped at him.

” Ya!” She shouted, ” be gentle! Pull it down! Don’t rip or else what should I wear as undies?”
” You can wear nothing.”
” Pervert!”
” I am.”

Kyuhyun, at the end, pulled down her panties and left her without wore anything.

” Wow. You are naked.”
Kyuhyun’s eyes stared at her exposed body and she covered herself by her arms.
” Don’t stare at me.”
” Oh. But..” Kyuhyun touched her breast by his index finger. ” You got me now.”
” Eh?”
Kyuhyun licked his upper lips. ” Delicious.”

Without saying anything, kyuhyun shoved her more harsh until she hit the wall, grimaced.

” Ahh!”
” Don’t make any sound, you turn me on.”
” I’m in pain, stupid!”
” Oh, but,” kyuhyun stepped closer and kissed her chest while the girl was grabbing his back shirt and impatiently, kyuhyun took off his shirt, showing his bare torso. She got red when she saw kyuhyun’s toned abs. Kyuhyun pressed their bodies together and he bend down, looking closer her breasts.

” Why do I never get enough. I want to taste this.”

Without any warning, kyuhyun licked her right nipple while his hand was playing with the left one. She covered her mouth to prevent any moan came out but kyuhyun seemed not satisfied on her reaction.

By that, he bit her nipple which making her go crazy.

” Ahhh! Kyu.. Kyuhyun..”
” Moan for me, dear.”
” I don’t want.. To.. We are in public place and..”
” I’ll make you.”

It was only matter of time when kyuhyun squatted and he met with the wet pussy down there. Kyuhyun got himself closer and he let his tongue touched her clit, and the girl went insane, saw the stars.

” Ahhh!”
” Moan louder,” kyu whispered as he shoved in his tongue to her pussy. His tongue was exploring inside her thing, licked, touched her sweet spots and yes, she screamed, groaned, until she felt her knees went weak.

As if kyu still was not satisfied, his raised his index finger and touched the clit. The girl groaned, shook her body. Couple seconds later, kyu pushed his tongue deeply inside her, and could not hold anything. She came messily, reached her climax as kyu pulled out his tongue, tasted the girl’s cum.

” See,” he laughed, ” I swallowed your white cum.”

The girl felt like she was going to explode shyly as kyuhyun unzipped his pants which tightened, pushed it down along with his boxer, showing his happy-standing-member.

” Suck me.”

The girl obeyed his words and she squatted, grabbed his dick and stroke it slowly. Kyuhyun shutted his eyes in pleasure and she wrapped his member by her mouth, sucked it. Her tongue tasted the big length of his cock and sucking it again.

Kyuhyun groaned. He felt so horny seeing his girlfriend was under him, sucking his member just like ice cream.
A sight that kyuhyun never wanted to share to anyone and he rather to commite suicide if he shared it.

Kyuhyun could not take this anymore. He pushed back the girl and made her stood up. He put her left leg on his shoulder while the right left was wrapping around kyuhyun’s waist. Kyuhyun positioned himself between her legs.

Again, without kyuhyun’s warning (which so his style), kyuhyun pushed his member roughly into her pussy, making the girl groaned in pain.

” Ahh!”
” I’m not gonna take any patience,” kyuhyun whispered softly.

He trusted his member, slowly, inside her, and the slowness was only a history after kyu started raising the pace, thrusting himself roughly, fast, and hard. He got the hotness and tightness inside her.

Groan, scream, moan, and cry filled the empty room as kyuhyun hit the sweet spot. The girl could not think anything straight. Her mind was blank, as white as the paper. In the middle of doing sex, kyuhyun pinched her nipple which making a moan slipped out from her mouth.

It was endless pleasure. They adjusted their moves and now even got worse, kyuhyun not only hit her sweet spot but it was hard hitting.

Kyuhyun never felt any satisfiying place but her pussy, shoving his hard member inside her.

Once again he brushed inside her and stroke it, a pleasure that only kyu could get it from her.

” I can’t.. Hold it..” She bit her lips, tried to hold the hard trusts.
” Fuck… Me too as well..” Kyuhyun hissed as the warmness wrapped his member.

A minute later, she came messily for the 2nd time, reached the climax. Right away, kyuhyun pulled his member out and sprouted his hot-white-liquid on her belly. The sperm was trailing down to her thigh.

And everything was a silence. She dropped herself on the her knees, felt so exhausted. Kyuhyun took a deep breath and he wrapped his arms around her waist, hugged her closer.

” That was amazing,” he said.
” You attacked me inside SBS building. How could you.”
” Well.”
Kyuhyun sighed as he tightened his hug. ” What if I cummed inside you.”
” If I got pregnant, you were so dead.”

Kyuhyun laughed.

Soon, a knock was being heard from outside.

” Umm. Guys? Have you finished doing ‘that’? Well the recording will be started in few minutes..”

It was teukkie’s voice.

Both were lost of speech.

” Wait. Does that mean he heard us all of this time?”

And a punch was being flown away right on kyuhyun’s face.



Comments on: "[oneshot] In the Middle of Star King Recording’s Break" (25)

  1. OMG …………………………………………………………………………………….
    kyuhyun is so mischievous on top LOL
    yah youre not only nice at general, romance or humour, bahasa or english ~ and now you got an EPIC well πŸ˜€

  2. OMOOOO~
    wait a minute, try to fill my brain with oxygen

  3. OMG, I think I have to take pray now to calm my nerve. God,forgive me. Don’t blame me. Blame the author for making story like this. The title make me so curious. That’s why I read it. Hehe

  4. Oh God.
    Mr.cho, you’re such an evil ! Eerr~

    well read this in english better than read it in bahasa.Still don’t understand a few words.
    *fail me -.-
    but it’s okay. No regrets.
    I’ll die if I understand the whole story kekeke.

    Wat a Long comments~:p
    i wonder how could u wrote this fic during ur physics class~ xD
    u’re awesome. Daebak ! \m/

    • use dictionary as the way! LMFAO.

      waiiitt i do love long comment so dont mind ;D how could i, huh? nevertheless, i wrote it without thinking twice hehe.

  5. Park Seunghee said:

    *brbpingsankeduakalinya* ga tau mau ngomong apa ahra, demi deh..

  6. oh my,
    *capslock off*
    hahaha ahra-ssi, great nc! you are expert, kkk. so, would you mind to share with us, your experiences with minho?????? /slapped
    hadoh aku gila, sinting baca ginian… tapi keren kok -_- oh yes, bless me shisus~

  7. lady_aurin said:

    magnae on TOP (Y)

  8. Han Jihwa said:

    khekhekhekehe, i know the history of this story…

    tau engga, Ahra buat cerita ini pas lagi disekolah loh..dari jam istirahat sampe jam biologi meleawati jam fisika juga. padahal jam fisika dia seharusnya dia nonton acara jadul fisika dari tpi. gara2 dia juga saya harus makan ati catet fiska seaneh itu..

    dan dia bikin cerita ini disebelah saya. tepat setelah makan..

    bayangkan saja..

    tapi jujur ceritanya keeeereeeen. hehehehehe, berhasil bikin mati banyak orang. termasuk Seunghee.

    dia koma masuk iccu tepat sebelum sholat Dzhuhur. jahatnya Ahra..

    tapi tetep semangat ya bikin cerita ya!!


    • shut up kekeke what they know is, the author being good student on her 3rd year of highschool and yeah i had told you before, i would make hardcore even.

      so it killed you also. lmfao good, and shut the fuck up babe lmfaooooo. XD

      to think that i needed to WATCH THOSE BORING VIDEOS and heck i didnt want to so yeah it ended up as this nc, quite hardore fic (or should i labele it as nc21 fic, perhaps? lol idk o.0)

      and thankyou for commenting this epic fail nc fic ever that written by ahra lmfao.

  9. o_0
    ok, first…i need oxygen!!! lol
    wohoo, ahra ssi, i really agree with nino comment, u’re really good writer! πŸ˜€
    have u experienced ‘it’ with minho? upss… nonono…don’t make nc with cast minho, but taeminnie!! *pervert πŸ˜€

  10. LOLING at the end of story :)) ahahahaha…

  11. good enough.. πŸ˜€
    the english really perfect and..haha..this story heat me up..
    author fighting!

  12.! *fitrop mode on*
    my fave nc story! No.1! >.<
    Ahra-ssi, you should give a big oxy tube for each readers.hehe
    i'll wait your another story! XD

  13. Ahn Changyoung said:

    Ooo.. Every nc 17 fics that i read, kyu’s always the main male.
    Hm. He gets horny easily. -_-. But still good. ^^ b

  14. waaaaaawwwwww…..

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