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Title: Grateful

Author: Choi Ahra

Genre: Angst, Friendship. an English fic.
Rating: G
Cast: SHINee’s Minho, Key.
Word Count: 926

SummaryMinho was depressed.
A/N: first time making a fic with mixed feeling. God i had never been so emotional before. those words towards minho hurting me.

im sorry, readers. *kneeling


Minho sighed as he closed his laptop after reading the fanboard messages. He put it near his bunk bed and decided to sleep.

It had been three days since his photo teaser revealed.

Minho clenched his palm. His heart hurt.

“ … Fuck..”


Was it all of his fault?

But why?

Minho thrown himself to the left side of bed and decided to shut his eyes, but still, he couldn’t. His stress didnt allow him to have peace rest or make him got any better condition due the injury from dream team recording.

All he could think was the dark, black feeling that remained inside his heart. It was weird. Before, Minho thought he had solved all of his antis’s matters.

He thought.

But now.. Even fans.

A huge pressure stayed inside his head now.

Minho bit his lips.

“ Minho?”

The rapper jumped in suprise as he saw who was walking into his room. Minho sighed.

“ Ya, Kibummie.”

The 2nd rapper shrunk in and made his way to minho’s bed. “ Hey. What are you doing at this late night? You should take some rest.”

“ and why did you come in?”

“ because i heard your cuss from outside, dammit.”

Minho smiled weakly. “ Sorry.”

Key looked at him worriedly. “ Minho, something was happened, wasnt it?”

“ No.” Minho rolled himself to the left, facing key with his back.

“ Well,” Key curled his fingers. He found minho’s laptop sprawled on the floor. “ You havent turned it off even tho you’ve closed it.”

“ Uh-oh.”

“ Geez.” Key squatted on the floor and opened minho’s laptop, about to turn it off, when he distracted with couple messages on fanboard he saw on the screen.

From haters and even a little amount of fans.

For cursing Minho’s injury that delaying their comeback.

For laughing upon Minho’s accident.

For bashing Minho’s new haircut. It was said that the short haircut turned him like an alien.

For saying that Minho was still lack of talents. He still could not sing nor dance, even he shared his rap part with key.

For telling that Minho was way too much in Dream Team, hate to lose, over-competitive.

Key gasped in shock.

‘you should use wheelchair, minho. You dont affect much either in SHINee.’

“ How dare – “

“ You’ve peeped my laptop, huh?” Minho chuckled bitterly. “ Dont worry. Im fine.”

“ No.” Key turned off the laptop and glanced at minho. “ You are not, Choi Minho.”

“ Even if i was really fine,” Minho said flatly, “ The harsh comments would not stop.”

“ Why?” Key gulped his saliva down to his throat, felt bad. “ You dont deserve to get such harsh words like that..”

Minho stared at Key. “ Majority people only loved me in Juliette and Year Of Us days, Kibum. Every time i cut my hair, every time i appear as a boy that far from what they’ve expected, it’ll be like this. I know, because this is the biggest risk i should take. Even if you, Taem, Jonghyun hyung, or Jinki hyung make dramatical step, you guys wont be scolded as bad as me.”

Minho finished his long sentences as if he forgot to take a breath. By Minho made his eyes on same level with Key, the older boy realized something upon Minho’s body.

It was trembling.

Minho didnt say anything until Key pulled Minho close to his chest, hugged him. Minho gasped in shock.

“ Are you scared?” Key asked in a whisper.  Minho was frozen by Key’s act.

“ Minho?” Key asked once again. Minho thought for seconds, and he nodded. He laid his head on Key’s shoulder as the older shoved aside the blanket. Minho shrank his face on Key’s neck.

“ Im sorry..”

“ For what?”

“ For causing much problem in our group,” Minho replied in husky voice, “ im not as good as you guys.”

“ Silly.” Key patted his head. “ If you were not that good, then how does it make me? I learn rapping from you too, idiot. Even whole of members know how great you are in sport and rapping.”

“ But because of me, we postponed our comeback..”

Key sighed as he tightened his hug. “ Minho. None of us blame you, kay? You just dont know how Jinki Hyung lose his interest of chicken for sudden, or Jonghyun sings a weird lullaby song every night, and even Taemin often cries upon your injury. Three of them were asking me, how to cure your calf.”

Minho rounded his hand, breathed heavily. Key put his chin on Minho’s head, whispering. “ Do you want to cry or..”

“ No.”

Key smiled. “ I see,” he rubbed Minho’s back, “ you see, Minho. Me and them will stay by yourside. You can call us if you want. I believe lot of Shawols and flames out there always love the way you are.”

Minho shutted his eyes hearing Key’s words.

“ And besides, hair can be grown again, cant it?”

Both of them chuckled, and only a silence remained between them.

Minho felt the warmth that Key gave by his rubbing. Minho knew he was nearly watering his face, but he decided not to.

Minho felt thankful for having sweet members like them.

And that Minho needed one thing. only his members could, by now through Key, they did it for him.

Minho smiled lightly and breathed slowly inside Key’s warm hug, sleeping.

How suprising, how grateful.

It’s ‘love’.


Comments on: "Grateful" (20)

  1. oh. my.
    i was cried when i read it.
    ahra onnieeeee D:

  2. ahraa .. hiks.. it was very touching 😥 *i’m sorry minho, i didn’t mean to make funny your new hair* hehe..

    keren deh nad. kmu bisa nyampein prasaan minho melalui crita spt ini 😀

    terus berkarya yaah.. aniwey sdikit correction “It was said that the short haircut turned him like a alien.” << mestinya an alien 🙂 that's it.

  3. waa….good job!!!

  4. DJ.merr said:

    Tabrak terus walaupun kagak ngarti.hahaha.pokoknya saya cuman tau minho d bnci gara2 masalah rmbut ma dream team.
    Ckckck.poor minho!

  5. sepertinya saya butuh mbah google.. atau alfa link ya? atau kamus? yach.. yang penting aku tau intinya aja dah ~ haha

  6. i feel like wanna have a sister/bro like them but I don’t ~ hahahaha

  7. ih emang itu shawols gadungan sama antis basmi aja………….dear choi ahra unnie……aku cinta fanfictionmu……keren semua……..kok bisa sih?? aaaaaaa <33

    • zaman skrg susah say, aku dl udh into kpop sejak 4thn jamannya SJ masi imut2 semua, fans masi ga lebay. skrg mah apa2 dipermasalahin. kasian T.T

      oh my God thankyou for loving my writing, babe if it’s as cool as you read :3 i just get the idea whenever i do. hihi. and i love you ❤

  8. Jadi pengen nangis
    err 😥


  9. what? separah itukah para shawol ababil dan antis jmn minho pas teaser kluar? aq baru tw ni, kirain ya ad bbrpa yg kecewa ama konsep dia yg ga biasa dan gr2 dia cedera, jdwal shinee comeback ketunda, ya cuma ampe situ, tp trnyata, ckckckck…wow, great kpop lover!!
    poor minho~~ tp gpp deh, skrg nampaknya dia bahagia aja dikelilingi hyung2nya d SM 🙂
    btw, aq mampir lg d sini, hehe

  10. I’m touched..
    Ugh..How dare you antis?
    but, Author..
    I like your eng-FF 🙂

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