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hey ! it’s Nino ~ guys, now i want to share some fanfic starring Super Junior, SHINee, and U-KISS for you ❤ there are five oneshot, coming with two bonus xD and its continuity from the first until the end chapter, although the plot was irrelevant each other [cerita bersambung tapi tidak berhubungan satu sama lain] . I made it at one years ago [maybe ? :/]when the first time we made this blog, surely 😀 i mind to share this because perhaps i cant continuing my two series fic : ‘Please Be Mine’ and ‘Why Don’t You Look at Me ?’ for a little ling time [again and again ~ until when ? ;______________;] cause in this week i’ll go back to school, back to boring usual activities, and, yeah, i told you so, dude . so i really want to say A BIG SORRY to you >< but, its not mean i’ll finishing it without ending, I DONT WANNA STOP WRITE IT UNTIL THE END CAUSE I LOVE YOU GUYS ~ [LMAO] so, i’ll keep continuing PBM and WDYLAM but, yeah, for a little long time T_T instead, i’ll give it all for you ! here it is ~ all of them are written in Bahasa ~ enjoy ! :*

[part 1]


SHINee Key | Fluff, Romance | PG | 2198 words

[part 2]

Honestly I …

SuJu Si Won | Comedy, Fluff, Romance | PG-13 | 2470 words

[part 3]

Let’s Fight !

SuJu Sung Min, SuJu Hee Chul, Big Bang Tae Yang | Comedy, Romance | PG | 3255 words

[part 4]

I Want You

SHINee Min Ho | Humour, Romance | PG | 3362 words

[part 5]


SHINee Onew, Suju Dong Hae | Humour, Romance | PG-13 | 4362 words


The Lost Memory

U-KISS Eli | Horror, Romance | PG-13 | 3418 words

Say Goodbye

U-KISS Dong Ho | Angst, Romance | PG | 3620 words


nb : difference between ‘Comedy’ and ‘Humour’ is if ‘Comedy’ it was a lil’ bit funny, but ‘Humour’ is totally hilarious, well kind of Crack LOL :p

sorry if those all totally fail and suck, but still, i hope you’ll like it guys ~ improve my bad-style-of-writing by drop your Cherrish comment, ‘kay ? :} TYSM for reading !


Comments on: "SHINee & SuJu collective Fic [all-in-Oneshot]" (3)

  1. I like U-Kiss Eli’s story, ma’am

  2. oww and i’m glad if you like it, bb xD thanks ~

  3. Diah W.N said:

    i like Eli’s story ;D

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