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Title: Time Between Us – Until The Day We Met [2/2] , Kyuhyun and I story

Author: Choi Ahra

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst

Rating: PG
Cast: Super Junior’s Kyuhyun/I
Word Count: 3670+
Disclaimer: SM’s.

Summarydearly pabo kyuhyun, i wish i could say that.. i only have few days left.


The last sequel of Time Between Us! dedicated for all of Kyu’s biased! Guess what? I made it longer xD

LOL. sorry if i made this lil bit fluffy and cheesy ><

enjoy xD

music: My Love – Westlife. I got the inspiration from this~


One day, i plucked up courage and i asked Kyuhyun during learning cooking.

“ What did you do at the day i found you fainted on park?”

Kyuhyun kept breath first, and he replied, “ Drinking?”

“ Oh.”

“ and met with some girls.”

“ you jerk.”

“ i am not,” Kyuhyun rolled his eyes, “ my friends made up the plan. They said my look would attract them to join .. goukon.

“ you are korean, not japanese. What’s goukon, anyway?”

“ meet with opposite genders and have a talk with them. You may be ended with them in a relationship.”

“ blind date?”

“ in a simple way, yes. You can say so.”

“ weird.”

“ it is. I just want the treat.”

I shook my head, wondering if i didnt pick him on the park that time, he would still join that blind date or group date or what just for the treat.

“ what if there was no blind date or a treat?”

“ i’d starve.”

“ to death?”

“ i would.”

“ you are.. crazy enough.”

“ i am.”

I sighed. This guy was totally a.. pabo or what? at least go learn cooking, dammit.

“ But now..” Suddenly kyuhyun let out a voice, “ i think i dont need any treat for a while.”

“ why?”

“ well, we have you now.”

Kyuhyun smiled in joyness. So did i.

“ Mm.. we do.”

After that, we learnt how to make rice bowl again. Kyuhyun was a quite smart boy so he could absorb any leason i gave. Yestreday we made pasta, and he did that well, even though he messed up first, almost exploding the stove.

And of course, i nearly kicked him out from kitchen.

Half hour later, we got done with the rice bowl and ate it together as lunch. Kyuhyun talked happily about his daily life with starcraft. As you see, he was a game maniac. And yet, he didnt know how to cook. What a perfect combination. I meant, italic the perfect word.

Soon, he finished his lunch and we went to living room. Didnt know what should we do, we decided to turn on the TV and there was a song that being played.

My Love – Westlife.

It had been a long time since i heard this, at least before i was in my deep sleep. I pointed the screen and said to Kyuhyun.

“ The song is..”

After that, i heard kyuhyun sang along too, in a whisper.

“ I tried to read.. I go to work, im laughing with my friends, but i cant stop, to keep myself from thinking.. Oh no..”

I gasped, got amazed.

His voice is damn awesome.

It was soft. Relaxing. And full of peace.

I shutted my eyes, enjoying his voice in our time and my mind.

Realized that i was in the middle of having a peace with his voice, he suddenly stopped singing and his cheeks blushed. I opened my eyes and stared at him in curiousity. “ Why did you stop?”

“ Emm. Just ..” he coughed. I could saw his red cheeks clearly and i caught him in embarassment.

I laughed. “ Why should you be embarassed? It’s fine, dude! Your voice is the best!”

He looked into my eyes, shyly. “ Really?”

“ It is,” i smiled, “ next time please sing it with me.”

He replied with a smile also. “ I will.. and..” He stopped his words and traced my expression. My smile was gone and stared at him, confused. “ What?”

“ No, it’s just..” he touched my cheek with his index finger, “ Your expression doesnt match with your face.”

My lips went lower again. “ What do you mean?”

He fixed his words hurriedly. “ Mm it’s not like i wanted to say your face is not good-looking! But i think, you have a different expression from your face..”

I kept silent.

“ that’s why,” he laughed, “ I just say that. Dont mind my words, okay? Hey? Hey? Why do you suddenly fall in silent?”

I stared at his eyes and shook my head. “ Nothing. Haha.”

Actually.. He’s pretty right.

Im not in my own body.

That was how our time passed.

I didnt realize, it had been 6 days.

It was dark.

I walked alone through the darkness. I couldnt see anything clearly.

Where am i? I asked carefully.

I didn’t know anything.

After that, i heard something, whispering on my ear.

“ Tomorrow.. is the final day.. Before the sunset..”

My heart nearly stopped.

Then, everything was clear.

I opened my eyes, and the sun dazzled my eyes.

It was already morning. I sighed and sat on my bed, looking away through the window.

It’s all dream.

I footed on the floor and walked slowly, almost passed the calender.

I had my eyes on the calender and saw the date. My mouth shape went round. I gasped.

It is.

And now, it’s the 7th day.

“ DONE!” He said loudly after making a kimchi, “ FINALLY.”

“ kimchi is not that difficult..” i whispered, sighing.

“ not for me,” he replied, “ oh. At least for you.”

I laughed and folded my hands on table. “ why are you so happy?”

“ because at least i can cook by myself now. Is that weird?”

“ no. Not at all,” i said, grinning. He nodded and took the kimchi to a big bowl, while i was sitting and took my eyes on his back.

It’s wide.

I shook my head fastly. What did i think? I sighed deeply.

I throwed my sight to side, and remembered something.

“ Ne, Kyuhyun.”

“ Yes?”

“ By any chance..” i curled my finger, “ do you have time tomorrow?”

“ Hm?” He turned his head to me. “ Do you want to go to somewhere?”

I rolled my eyes,  nervous. “ I do.”

“ and?”

“ I just want to have a quality time. Maybe watch a movie and have a walk?”

He thought for a while. Then, he looked at me and nodded. “ So where should we meet?”

I smiled.

At least for the last.

“ The park, first time we met.”

I picked a dress carefully, and decided to wear floral one with red wedges. I wore it and looked myself on mirror nervously. I spent too much time for picking dress and didnt know if this suited with me.

Whatever. This girl that i’ve posessed just has this much.

I stepped out from my small apartment and went to the park. I stood there, with sweats poured on my hands. I felt so nervous.

But anyway..


I looked on my watch. It had been 20minutes! Where on earth was he?

I was grumbling, sighing like a crazy, until someone tapped my shoulder.

I turned back, and my hand flew to his head.

“ YOU!”

“ Ah, ah! Mianhe! You see, the alarm was a big problem because it didnt ring!” Kyuhyun said and caught his breath after got hit by me. “ That’s why i didnt wake up!”

“ SO?! You had made me wait!” i snapped.

“ AHH! Mianhe!”

I glared at him. “ Next time i wont let you off.”

He nodded cheerfully and suddenly grabbed my wrist, walking fast, made me having a hard time with the wedges.


He only laughed, as usual.

I just could not help it but left a small smile. Oh, well.

Kyuhyun was such a kid! He asked me to have an icecream, took a look to newest game, and then we went to game center.


I took a deep breath.

He is really a kid.

We was about walking on a street which surrounded by lot of shops. He saw me sighing and he asked, “ Is there any problem?”

“ Nothing,” i replied with a small voice. He blinked twice, stared at me. I wrinkled my forehead. “ What?”

“ Let’s see..”

And suddenly, he grabbed my wrist, pulled me.. again.


I just could not snap at him again. I lost the rhythm of catching my breath. Before i knew, he took me into a shop which full of cute clothes.

“ Wait.. What do you..”

“ Well,” he explained, “ You can choose a cloth or a dress or even just a top. Anything you want. Hurry!”

I could not understand what he meant, for God’s sake. But i didnt ask anything and started picking a cloth. I just did what he said.

Girls sure love to shop anything, especially clothes. Including me. Yeah. Whatever.

I used to love a simple white dress but in this girl’s body, i thought the colorful one was better. I choosed every colorful dress but the strange thing was, kyuhyun always refused it. He said it didnt match with me.

So for the i-didnt-count time, he refused it.

I saw him lil bit confused. “ What do you want, then?”

“ It’s just not right!” he replied. I pouted my mouth. Even the shop-keeper said it was fine, or nevertheless, it’s all pretty for me.

I really didnt understand what was going on in his mind.

He rolled his eyes to around inside of the shop, seemed like looking for something. I just kept my eyes watching him.

Finally, he said, “ THERE IS IT!” and walked, took a white dress, and gave it to me. “ Wear this.”

I saw him in  a confuse. “ But i thought..”

“ Aiiish! Just. Wear. This.”

Still in the middle of confuse, i decided to do what he said. I wore the white dress in changing room and looked at myself. I thought it’ll be a colorful one.

I pulled the curtain lil bit and let my head out. There, Kyuhyun stood up, waiting for me.

“ Is there something wrong?” he asked. I shook my head.

“ Nothing. Just.. Mm..” I stepped out from changing room slowly, let him saw me with the white dress. “ Well.. As you see..”

He stoned on his feet and didnt say anything. I sighed. I know it’s weird.

But suddenly, he smiled.

“ This is the real your style, i guess.”

He turned his body. “ I want this, miss!” he shouted to the shop-keeper and walked to the cashier, left me behind, which lost of words.

After the cashier wrapped the dress, we went again to somewhere we didnt know. Truthfully, we just went randomly. To a CD shop, to a cafe, even we stopped just for listening someone playing violin. I gave the best smile i ever made..

With knowing it’d all come to the end.

And before the sunset, we walked side by side near the Han river, heading to Kyuhyun’s apartment.

“ Are you having fun today?” he asked. I nodded. He patted my head and said, “ Good to hear.”

I smiled and we walked again. I saw him quitely and i made my pace slowly. I saw Kyuhyun from back.

All i could say just .. him.

I bit my lips. Why should i realize this feeling now?

Why could not i see him before i had coma?

Even if i choose to wake up again..

I shutted my eyes. I know this is the time.

He realized that i walked slower and turned his body. “ Why you.. Hey! Just walk faster and – “

“ Kyuhyun.”

He blinked. “ What?”

I could feel that i was trembling.

But i had no chance.

I lifted my head and stared at Kyuhyun’s eyes deeply. “ This’s my time to say goodbye.”

He looked dumbfounded. “ Eh..”

“ You see..” I whispered, “ This is not my body.”

“ What did you say?”

“ I said, this is not my real body,”

He seemed didn’t believe on me. “ Are you kidding me?!”

“ Im not,” i replied with a trembling voice, “ Few days ago i had an accident and i got coma. If we have not awaken for couple days because of something, we have 10 days to grant our wish and after that, we can decide whether we can continue our life or not…”

I stopped for a while and sighed. “ And this is my wish, feel another person’s life.. yet, i met you.”

Kyuhyun clenched his teeth. He walked and grabbed my shoulder, shaking it. “ SAY, IT WAS NOT TRUE.”

“ IT WAS!” i yelled between my tears which almost fell, “ THAT’S WHY I WANT TO SAY GOODBYE!”

He stopped shaking my shoulder. “ What do you.. mean then..” he growled and almost screamed, “ Does it mean we can meet again?! Why should you say goodbye!”


I painted. The tears had fell down by itself. I touched my chest.

My heart hurts.

I pushed him away and stepped back. Kyuhyun lifted his face and asked, worriedly. “ Where will you go?”

“ I dont know.”

I could see his tremble.

“ Dont go.”

“ Im happy with you.”

“ Dont go..”

“ In this 10 days.”


“ at least..” i pushed myself to look at him straightly, “ from now on.. you can cook by yourself.. right?”

The time has came.

With tears, i smiled.

“ So long.”

After that, i left the girl’s body. Kyuhyun caught her quickly, who still had not awaken after i went.

I felt everything clearly.

‘I love you’.

After that, i found myself, flying.

I had not entered my real body again.

I just.. could not.

Like i had commited a stupid fault.

A week had been passed.

I sat on the brench, near the hospital. Of course being transparant didnt mean that i was really sitting. I curled my toes and murmured randomly.

I missed Kyuhyun.

Since i realized my feeling, it had been empty without him or my daily activities, teaching him cooking. It was all different.

I was wondering everything about Kyuhyun when i noticed that the sky had turned dark. It was already night.

I lifted my head so i could see stars clearly.

The sky was so wide.

I chuckled for nothing, just felt funny.

Because the feeling of missing Kyuhyun, became bigger and bigger.

I met him during this.. time.. huh?

Thinking of him made me missed him more and more.

I could not help it. I bit my tongue and flew.

Didnt know what was i thinking, i let myself flew to Kyuhyun’s place’s direction.

About few centimeters from his apartment, i stopped flying. I could not believe what just i did. I was now near from his place and FROZEN TO DEATH. What did i do? Seriously! Geez. After all, his place was dark. The light was turned off. It meant there was no one.

I sighed, blaming on my own foolness and turned back.

Better for me.

I was about leaving, until i heard a chat.

“ I wonder how.. I wonder why.. I wonder where they are.. The days we had.. The songs we sang together..”

I gasped.

It was My Love song.

“ Aish, Kyuhyun-ah. You should not drink too much!”

“ Lately you’ve drunk much, Kyuhyun-ah.”

I took a look from window and i saw Kyuhyun under alcohol control. I got shocked. THAT BOY WAS SO DEAD!

His two friends was sitting him on his bed when Kyuhyun spinned around because drunk. After that, they left Kyuhyun alone.

I held my breath. Really, I wanted to smack him.

But what could i do now?

He was fine now. He was handsome, he could attract every girls he wanted. Besides, now he knew how to cook.

What could i worry about?

I gulped my saliva down, and decided to leave.

“ And all my love.. We’re holding on forever.. Reaching for the love that seems so far..”

I stopped again.

“ So i say it in a breath, hope my dreams will take me there, where the skies are blue, to see you once again… my love.. all the seas go coast to coast.. Find the place i love the most.. Where the fields are green.. to see you once again..”

I turned and saw Kyuhyun, who singing with weird voice due under alcohol control.

Kyuhyun looked desperated.

My hand streched out and my body could walk through the window. I was a transparant, after all.

“ To hold you in my arms.. To promise you, my love.. To tell you from my heart.. You are all i’m thinking of..”

I stepped on the floor and walked to him. I stood on there, didnt even dare to touch him at first. But seeing him in full of pain, without thinking twice, i let my hands went, wrapped his body.

I could feel .. that all of his body’s parts are cold.

What was happened with him?

I hugged him tightly.

Suddenly, he got shocked because Kyuhyun’s body moved lil bit. I looked down to him.


“ .. here..”

What did he say?

“ You are here, right?”

I gasped.

He lifted his face and i could see him clearly, even though i knew Kyuhyun could not see me like what i could.

There was dried-tears on his face.

“ I’m here..” I only could whisper. But i knew, he could not hear me either.

But how did he know?

“ You are here.. I can feel it.. You are somewhere around me..” Kyuhyun whispered, closed his eyes. “ Dont go..”

“ why i cant go..” i asked with a low voice. His body was trembling now.

“ i miss you.. nothing helps me now.. even treats, even girls, even alcohols.. there is nothing.. everything that you’ve taught me about cooking was meaningless now.. just when you were disappeared for sudden.. in front of my eyes..”

“ but what you see was other girl’s face and body.. not me..”

Only with mind, we could communicate, that was i thought.

“ im not that stronger now.. i rely on you so much.. i need you.. i miss you.. please .. come back..”

I  loosened my hug. I wanted to wipe his dried tears, but being transparant didnt help.

“ you havent died, have you?” Kyuhyun asked softly, but sad.

“ why..” i asked, “ just, why..”

“ even if you forget about me, even if you dont remember anything about me, your heart will. Im not worried about it now.. I will. I remember everything about you and your smile.. Even i dont know your real appareance.. I will find you again…”

I bit my lips.

“ Just.. please..” Kyuhyun said again in trembling voice, “ Come back..”

I lowered my back, so our face could meet. I touched both of his cheeks, and stared his black, beautiful eyes.

“ .. alright.”

Suddenly, Kyuhyun shutted his eyes. So did i. He closed the distance between our face, and our lips met, even though.. yeah, again, i was being unseen.

Tears fell down by itself from my eyes.

Even if.. i lost my memories about you..

My heart still did..

And you would find me again..

Until the day we met.

Kyuhyun opened his eyes lil bit and touched my unseen hand.

“ I’ll be waiting for you..”

Six months later.


“ To the supermarket, Young Woon – Hyung!” Kyuhyun replied in a yell, “ There’s a big discount!”

“ Aish! Since when you got the money?”

“ Part time always be the best way, hyung!”


Kyuhyun didnt reply his senior’s yell and went on his foot happily.

Kyuhyun walked down the street. He had been making his own food lately and because of his hardwork, he got better payment.

Well, it was good, or else Kyuhyun could die foolishly because of starving.

During his walk, Kyuhyun met bunch of girls who paying attention to him. No wonder from the good looking boy.

But it wasnt the smile that Kyuhyun had been searching for.

Kyuhyun saw the blue sky, and he felt like he wanted to pass the park, where he met 1st time with her.

Kyuhyun’s feet made his paces to the park. Kyuhyun walked around and smiled.

It has been 6 months.. huh..

Kyuhyun chuckled. He had not met her and yet he was still waiting for her. Kyuhyun walked again and looked straightly to in front of him. He saw a girl walked, not far from him, with her cellphone, talking cheerfully with her friend, based from her voice tone and words.

When the girl about passed Kyuhyun, he saw the way that girl smiled.

Kyuhyun’s eyes went wider and he turned.

“ Excuse me..”

The girl stopped her conversation and turned too. “ Yes?”

Their eyes met.

Kyuhyun was shocked.

He was making sure of her, and now ..

That girl, with long hair and white dress, stared Kyuhyun deeply, until her eyes went wider also. Her mouth turned round.

“ You..” Kyuhyun nearly wanted to touch her, but he pulled back his hand. Kyuhyun coughed. “ Do you know me?”

The girl shook her head. “ I dont know.. But..” she replied softly, shyly, “ Feels like.. I know you.. Have we met before in somewhere?”

Kyuhyun smiled.

This is her.

Kyuhyun pulled his hand, asking for a hand-shake. “ My name is Cho Kyuhyun. I bet you can cook.”

The girl looked suprised while shaking hands. “ How do you know?”

Kyuhyun grinned. “ As you see,” he said, “ i know you.”

… And that’s how they met.


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  1. choeunri said:

    ternyata gue pembaca pertamanya, ya? ngantuk2 baca ff bhs inggris makin puyeng gue, nad.

  2. jqlinecho said:

    buka laptop jem 8 pagi baca ff ginian seger mata saya..
    keren onn….
    1.000.000 thumbs up!!

  3. clau♥angelteuk said:

    annyeong onn !
    Ak new reader dsini, 🙂
    td ud bc yang part 1 nya, trus lnjut ini, ak lgsung komen dsni aj y .. Hehehehe ..

    FF’ny keren !! Ak rada2 sedih bacanya . Hihihihi ..

  4. sashalicia said:

    ahra ssi…I LOVE U, HONEY!!! ok, don’t get wrong perception, i’m still normal, lol 😀
    kya…mskipun km blg critanya fluffy+cheesy…tp aq suka bgt!!!
    1. lagu my love-westlife, it’s my from westlife ever, jd kangen pngen denger lagi *langsung nambahin k dftar dnlot*
    2. ga bosen2 aq ngomong, aq suka bgt ama caramu nyampein crita, cara pandang dr karakter buatanmu..ok, aq hrs jujur, ff b.inggris kamu adlh crita b.inggris prtama yg aq ikutin, krna b.inggrisku payah, tp demi ffmu, aq hrs baca! 😀

  5. sashalicia said:

    3. apa lagi y? campur aduk baca ff yg ni, sedih, ketawa ngakak, sedih ampe nangis, snyum2 bahagia, dst…jiah, jd ky org gila deh gw, haha
    thx for making my day, aq udh ga bete lagi skrg… jd makin sukaaaa ama kyu *balikin minho k ahra* 😀
    btw, kyu prnah nyanyi my love-westlife ga sih? jd pngen dnger my love versi kyu, pasti makin klepek2 deh gw, hehehe

    • 1. seriously? LOL i picked it randomly xD
      2. and thankyou so much! i feel honoured ^____^
      3. seems like i’ve successed here to make your mood got mixed lol xD

      aku cm prnh denger sungmin hahaha tp slight2 aja sih xD

  6. second time comment disini hhe, dipart 1nya ga sempet kommen~
    thumbs up..
    I love this ^_______________^

  7. Ahra unnie, mianhae baru baca..
    OMONA this is daebak. aku sampe ngebayangin cewek itu aku.. hahaha
    unnie nulis cerita lg ya un.. yang BANYAK kalo bisa 😀
    I’m your official fans, unnie :p

  8. ahra~~!! good job! bagus ya ceritanya!!

    btw, itu..eunri??

  9. Tomomikazuko13 said:

    My love is my favorite song from westlife, it means sooo deep for me..
    And Kyuhyunnie as the main character!Arggghhh kyu you make me going crazy
    really love this story,
    it better if you make an after story hahahaha

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