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Title: Time Between Us – First Meeting [1/2] , Kyuhyun and I story

Author: Choi Ahra

Genre: Romance

Rating: G
Cast: Super Junior’s Kyuhyun/I
Word Count: 1480+, exactly.
Disclaimer: SM’s.

Summary: dearly pabo kyuhyun, i wish i could say that.. i only have few days left.

A/N: *cough* so the reason why i made this story is..

Emm. there are 10 readers who asked me to make Kyu Story. At first i didnt want to due of personal reason (scared to death, i might got killed of jealousy, lol lots of kyu’s biased follow me on twitter too xD)

at the end i decided to make this, Kyuhyun and I so all of kyu’s biased can read this fine! Like what i’ve made before, i always write in english for I/You/She perspective, not by name.

So here it is! xD

dedicated for: @sashalicia, @JQsemut, @raKYUs, and especially @eunri_jo who has given me a permission LOLOLOL jk xD and of course for OTHER KYU’S BIASED! sorry i cant spot you! i cant remember well who ==”


You might dont know about this but, before we choose for continue our life or not, when we unconcious, we have 10 days to do everything we want in spirit form.

If we choose to continue our life, we wont remember everything clearly. Only the feeling stays still.

I had not awaken for a week. I just remembered that i got accident and now my body was in hospital. I didnt know whether to live again or die, but i begged God to possess a beautiful girl’s body so i could feel other person ‘s life.

And .. here i am. First day with the ‘new’ body for 10 days only.

I smiled.

The girl who i possessed lived alone in a small apartment. I could walk down to the street at the midnight without got caught with her family. I didnt really care who’s this girl name or her job, didn’t know why.

So here i was, on a street, walking alone, at the midnight (yeah).

I got amazed with the night life. Middle-age-rich women, Bussiness men, teenager, and un-identify fellows seemed enjoying their time. This was my first time, felt the night life. I walked near the park, until i realized something… laid down on street.

I screamed. “ A CORPSE!!”

Ups. Wait. It was not even a corpse. Just an ordinary boy. I approached a coprse-look-alike and squatted. I moved his hair aside and realized that he was quite handsome. I took his wallet and read his identity card.

Cho Kyuhyun. 22 y.o.

Seemed like he was a college student.. a freshman, maybe? I read his address and knew that his residence was not that far. I sighed and decided to walk him to his house.

Aish. He’s heavy.

Fortunately i found his key so i could step into his residence. This guy lived in a small apartment too, like me. I unlocked the door and saw inside his apartment.

“ Whoa,” i whispered, “ So neat. Is he really a boy or what..”

I walked in with this guy who still half-awaken. I was sure enough that he was under alcohol control. I could smell his breath. Top of that, he got a small fever. No wonder. I stepped into his room and laid him down.

Aigo, i thought silently, He’s really handsome.

Sweet. Now what did i think? Stupid. I took his blanket and nearly covered his body with the blanket..

Until he grabbed my hand in his sleep and wrapped me with his hand.

My mouth made an ‘O’ shape.

My heart almost stopped beating.


I stoned in his embrace, could not think straightly.

Alright. A drunk boy with unconcious mind, half-asleep, hugged me in his sleep. What an unfortunate situation. AND HE HUGGED ME TIGHTLY, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE.

Before i knew what was going on, that guy got his sense and opened his eyes slowly.

“ Ugh..” he whispered, “ why suddenly i’m in my room..”

“So finally you’ve awaken.”

That guy blinked twice and looked down.

“ Hi, drunk boy.”

He widened his eyes.

And he screamed.


I let my left hand flew.


That guy named Cho Kyuhyun sat on his bed and rubbed his cheeks who got slapped by me. “ Umm..” he winced at me, scared. “ Thankyou for.. umm..”

I sighed after finished my story, how i ended up in his room. “ Hugging a girl in your half-sleep because of drunk is not good, dude.”

He bowed down. “ Sorry.. I didnt mean to..”

“ It’s fine. Im sorry for slapped your cheeks. I was just suprised,” i apologized. “ and yeah, you’ve got a little fever. Tomorrow you have to eat well, i think you –“

“ umm, but i have no money.”

I stopped my words and stared at him. “ cant you cook? You live alone.”

“ no.”

“ but you drank last night.”

“ my friends treated me.”


And the next morning, 9am.

I sighed.

What a day, and here i am.

I pulled my hand and pressed the bell button and the bell rang.

“ Who’s there?” an intercom let out a voice.

“ Me,” i replied, “ the one who carried you last night.”

“ OH!” and few minutes later, the door was opened. There, kyuhyun smiled. “ Morning.”

“ Yeah. Morning,” i said, “ so did you get enough sleep?”

“ i did.”

“ then, let me cook for you,” i stepped in, “ geez. How come you cant cook, you dont have any money? Give me a break!”

“ emm..” he followed me to kitchen, “ but last night you offered to cook for me when im sick so..”

“ OF COURSE I DID. If i left you without any food, you’d die due of starving and fever!”

“ that’s why im thankful,” he said honestly. i rolled my eyes and opened the fridge. “ alright. Thank Godness there are some food stuffs to be cooked. I will make a porridge. Go to your room and rest well there while im cooking here.”

“ aiyaye, ma’am.”

“ dont call me ma’am,” i glared at him, “ im not a middle age woman.”

“ … ‘kay.”

Then he left me, scared. I didnt look back to him and started to cook. I could not believe i was here, cooking for someone who i met for the first time last night due of fainting.

Dear Lord, how could it be.

A hour later, i was done with the porridge. I prepared the bowl while calling his name loudly. “ CHO KYUHYUN! THE BREAKFAST IS DONE!”

Amazingly, he was like flew fast and suddenly he was in the dining table, waiting for the food patiently. I brought the bowl and put a spoon next to it. I sat beside him.

“ Go ahead,” i said. He smiled.

“ Bon appetite!” he said and he started eating happily. “ Have you eaten?”

“ I have, before i went to here,” i replied. He continued his lil bit late breakfast.

I rolled my eyes around the room, noticed something. “ Why do you live alone?”

But suddenly, he stopped his movement. I turned my head and that time, i knew i’ve said something wrong. “ Mm, if you dont want to answer, then it’s fine so..”

“ my parents got divorced.”

I blinked and he said again, “ My father decided to marry his mistress, left me, and my mother commited a suicide,” he smiled sadly, “ and yeah, i live alone.”

“ Eh.. mm.. But kyu, i didnt plan to make you remember that, im sorry..”

“ It’s fine,” he patted my head, “ after all it’s true. That’s why i often go at the night and play, to get over from that bad past. Oh, that’s also a reason why i cant cook either.”

I felt bad. I didnt have any intention to made him tell this. I looked down to table.

He smiled again. “ hey wow, this’s my first time telling this story to someone who i just have met twice.”

Now come to think of it.. “ So why did you..”

“ Because you’ve helped me and cooked from me,” he answered softly, “ it’s all past and i dont mind to share this to you, my hero. Oh geez, why did i smirk after called you as a hero..”

I lost for words.


He has trusted me easily?

Why would he..

I could not think again.

At first, my mind went blank. He just sat beside me, smiled like a child.

Seeing that, I got my sense back.

Then, i coughed to higher the awkward situation, even though he was there, smiling.

“ Well..” i said carefully, “ I won’t leave you either.. or else no one will teach you how to cook.. I will become your cooking teacher. Has it explained everything?”

I winced at him. Does he catch my words?

He stared at me, didn’t make any reaction. Im worried if he really understood what i meant.

But then, he chuckled.


With his answer, i was dying to hid my smile and relieved. He tuck in his half cold porridge again. I trailed his face quietly.

Dont know why, my heart is beating faster.

I held my breath, remembered my words.

Oh, no.

I’ve said something wrong.

I should not say i will stay by his said.

Because I.. just have 8 days left.

I turned my head and closed my eyes silently.

Well, what else i can do?

It’s already happened.

I took a deep breath. Dang, it was all true. I didnt have any choice now.

At least.. just for this left-over time, God.


Comments on: "Time Between Us – First Meeting [1/2]" (15)

  1. unni, this is daebak!! can’t wait for the part two! 😀

  2. jqlinecho said:

    *speechless* this is really really WOW!! can’t wait for the next chap..gumawo eonni

  3. aaw!
    so sweet, tp mengingat sisa 8hari~

  4. imarita said:

    hei,i’m new reader here ^^
    i love your ff.good story and my bias as main character.kyaaa~
    cant wait for the next chapt 🙂

  5. hai this is ikankyu on twitter, still remember me?
    Your fic is great, i need the 2nd part soon <3333

  6. sashalicia said:

    first, i just realize that main character is kyu and i, not kyu and ahra! geez, how can i think that u mean it’s about kyu and u? urgh, sorry for the stupidness, haha
    second, why my first attention about him is what? corpse? oh..first, i think corpse is polisi, but i open dictionary and it say mayat! oh ok, now i know what mayat in english, lol..but he is not corpse, he is a charming prince for me 😀
    third, why u made me such a temperamental person? i feel bad so please made me such a beautiful lady! lol 😀

  7. The reason why i made the girl is lil bit tough is.. it would not look good and i’d be more cheesy yet i hate cheesy story ^^

  8. ahra, ahra, did you scare to deaaaath cause someeeoneee??

    hehe, okay i’ll shut up. *sewing my mouth by myself, ouuuch*

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