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Mine.. -ONESHOT-

Title: Mine..

Author: xiahBITE

Genre: Romance

Rating: PG / ONESHOT

Cast: SHINee’s Choi Minho

Word Count: 3103

Disclaimer: This ff’s idea got from DBSK’s drama – Dating On Earth which Minho is a teacher at Ahra’s school
Summary: Minho is one of a teacher in a school. Ahra a girl who got scored from school and Aya is a transfered student from Japan and part of a bandit


yea so, this ff is dedicated to Choi Ahra and goodluck for ur exam D:
well, this is my 1st english ff and this ff is boring and engrish style ~ so, just leave a comment if u dare
so, here we go !


I ran in the middle of rain, bring my super-heavy-bag and ran as fast as I can. I saw my friend and some guy. I jumped into a pick-up-car and throw my heavy bag to a guy, I took baseball stick and attack the other guy, smacked him and make him fell down. I smiled to my friend and walked to her. Ask her to go from that place. Suddenly I look back and a guy swing a baseball stick to us, we ran away and I smacked him until he die..

2 days after that, I came to school and I must phospone for 2 years.. I just nodded to Headmaster and go away…

“hya, wake up..” someone saying that word smoothly to my ears
“let me sleep again.. for a minute” I said
“you know what? It’s already 6.30am..” that guy stand up and go out from this room
“WHAT? HYA MINHO WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME EARLIER !!!” I shout to him and jump to bathroom


I walking to my class, sitting at the back and play with my friends, some are boys and the rest are girls.
“hey sit up, headmaster is heading to our class” said class monitor
“good morning class. I’m here wanna tell you that your teacher is out from this school and now your new teacher is ready to teach you. Be nice, ok? Because you all his first students..” head master said
Someone enter the class, his face, his hair, his smile is looks familiar to me
‘ah, who cares’ i said and write something at my notebook. I heard so many people shouting
“aaahhh, so cute” or maybe “wow, not bad, he’s good looking”
“good morning, my name is Choi Minho, i’ll spot Mrs.Kim and teach this class.”he said calmly and smiling
“songsaenim! Do you ahve any girlfriend?”ask my friend
“of course…no”he said and laughing
My eyes being wild and shock ! he.. why he can be here? what did he do here? no, there’s must be something wrong!
I stand up harshly, all people stared me
“any problems?”he asked


“YOU ! HYA MINHO ! why you can enter and teaching at that school?”i shout at him. Me and Minho are at home already and I really can’t stand with him
“why did u mad at me?”he ask, innocently
“are another teacher know about us?” I ask
“not…yet”he said,”did u need me to announce it via newpapper at school or speaker and radio tomorrow?” he ask
“are you kidding me? U are trying to kill me slowly, i’m still a student there” I answer harshly
“go transfer to another school” I said and sit infront of him
“why you ask me? Why don’t you transfer by your self?” minho said angrily
“I think you know the reason, I’ve got punishment and I got scorced for 2 years and just this school willing to accept me” I said, he walked beside me and put his arm on my shoulder
“I know what happened to you, dear. I know it’s hard to back to school at this age and you are married with me. But we must try our best from now, you must being a good student, ok? Promise me..”he said , i smiled and nodded, he hug me..tight


-Minho POV-

“Minho Songsaenim, are you single? Would you be my boyfriend?”ask a student
“huh?eh, sorry but i can’t. Eh, maybe we can go hangout someday, but not as a couple”I said
This is the 3rd times some students said they love me.. oh my, please i’m a teacher and not dating a student
“Minho Songsaenim, have you meet the transfered student?”headmaster said
“transfered student?”I said shocked
“yea, a girl from Tokyo. I thought you haven’t meet her, maybe he absent again today”he said and leave my desk
I walked to the window and look outside, i saw a girl sitting at park and listen to her iPod. I walk to park and greet her
“hey, are you transfered student from Tokyo? It’s nice to meet you, i’m minho, your teacher” I said. She just look at me and leave.


-AhRa POV-

I saw a girl leave Minho alone at park, I saw Minho still looking that girl’s back and sit there, i walk slowly and hug him from back
“ah, what did you do here, dear? Don’t you have a class now?” he said and pull me to sit beside him
“how can I have a class but my teacher is here and look for a pretty girl, but that girl is leaving my teacher alone here” i said, he laugh
“let’s go to class, your exams is a month left” he said and push me to go
I walk to my class and saw a girl whom moved from Tokyo stand up infront of class
“why did u look at me like that? Am I a ghost?” she said without seeing my eyes
“ at all”I said and leave here
I sit at my chair and Minho enter this class.. ‘ oh well.. another boring class ‘ i said
“ok class, today we have new student and friend from Tokyo. Please stand up and introdiuce yourself,please?” ask Minho
She stand up and said “My name is Kiwara Aya.” And she sit again


-Minho POV-

The bell ringing and time to back to home. I packing my stuff and some papper and leave this school, when I’m walking, I saw Aya walking with some guy and from their style they look like a bandits.. but why?
“Aya?”I shout to her, she stop walking and face me
“what? Stalking me?”she said coldly
“what did u do with this two guys?”I ask
“none of your business.. with who am I, where I walk and what will I do it’s all my business not yours..”she said and leave me
“Hya Aya !”I shout but she still walking
Sigh.. she is bad.. really bad
“hya, what did u do here?” someone shocked me from back, I turn my body
“ah.. hi dear! I’m.. I saw Aya so I look forward her”I said
“fall in love with her? Haha”she said and and leave me
AhRa… my wife and my student, she is really boyish and always believe what did she do is the best for her and no one could stop her way to do something, she got scored from this school cause she fight with some bandits, but she do that for her Junior. And she is the last person I’ll love in this earth and heaven


“I thought Aya is a quite person and cold hearted, isn’t she?” Mrs. Jung asked
“yea, I seldom heard her voice”I said
“But Mr.Choi, don’t u know that she ever kill some people before?”She ask
“MWO? don’t be kidding..” I said. I don’t believe a girl like Aya ever kill some people before
“yeah, that’s why she transfered to Korea a couple years ago” Mrs.Jung explained
“HYA AHRA HOW CAN U BITE ME LIKE THAT? HYA, OKE, MY TURN..WHAT?AH! i don’t want play games anymore!” HyungJoon said to ahra, he lose againts ahra for just a ‘ Dynasty of Warrior ‘ game
“hahahaha, no one can won againts me, poor HyungJoon Baby!” she said, HyungJoon’s face is red cause he’s mad
I saw Aya accross the street. I look carefully at her and I realized her face is familiar to me. Than 2 guys shocked her and she go with them.. that two guys.. I think i know them.. but who?
I decide to follow them from behind and i’m arrive at a minimarket without that 2 guys
“why did u following me? Are u fall in love with me? Or u need me to spend this night with you?”she said and look angrily to me
“Just make sure that my transfered student arrived home savely”I answered
“than..? U think I can’t walk by my self?” she ask
“U always with that two guys and i’m afraid something happened to you. You’re my students”I answer
“ok, i’ll let you know i’ll be save” She said and leave. This the first time I heard she speak a bit nice
I won’t give up and followed her until I reach a restaurant, she destroy all the chair and tables, and there’s many guys and I thought the old one is the boss and the rest are the bandits
“well. Let’s destroy this place..”the boys said.. Aya doesn’t move, she just stand and don’t do anything
“HYA! don’t u heard what did he said? Destroy this place!” a guy said to her. She smack a table with her baseball stick and I run to her and stop her
“STOP IT!”I shout
“why did u here? I said to you to go!”she said and push me
“who is he?”the boss said
“none of your business”Aya answered. The boss wanna hit me but Aya stoped him, “ DON’T! He’s my teacher and don’t hurt him !”aya shout
Someone pull her and start to hit her. I run as fast as I can and save her. But too late, someone hit me first


-AhRa POV-

‘09.45pm… ‘ where did Minho go?’ i’ve called Minho’s cellphone for almost 13 times but he didn’t answered it
Suddenly my phone ringing
“Hello? WHAT? where? Ok… ok.. thanks” I hang up the phone and go to hospital
I drive my car as fast as I can. ‘ Minho what did happened to you?’ i ask my self and finally I arrive at Hospital
“excuseme, may I know where’s Mr.Choi Minho’s room?” I ask the nurse
“wait a moment.. it’s at 1012”she answer
“thanks” I leave and look for the room that the nurse said
“Minho.. Mianhae, I did something wrong and dangerous and make u hurt like this. honestly i’m not a good person but sorry..” a girl said, i try to take a look and I saw Aya was sitting there and she try to kiss Minho. I walk towards and grab her.
“what did u do to him?” I ask
“none of your business..”she answered
“stop it…”minho speak up and his voice is so weak, I saw Minho’s clothes full of blood and so Aya’s face
“don’t to that to Aya.. Aya you need to checked first, your face is full with blood”Minho said
“i’m ok”Aya answer and leave. I know Minho look at me, but i’m so mad to him, so i decide to leave him and drive home


-Minho POV-

“ngg.. songsaenim?” a girl said and touch my back
“yes? Ah, Aya” I answered
“how’s your head? Is it ok?”she ask
“yes, it’s ok” i asnwer again
“i’m sorry for yesterday..”she said
“btw who’s that boy?”I hope she’ll be answer me this time
“its… still none of your business”she answer
Sunddenly someone run to us
“hey Aya, wanna play basketball with us? Let’s play againts AhRa” she said
‘AhRa…? what the.. she still playing basketball while exam is a few days more?’ I thought
I decide to sport room and look for AhRa, and well, they’re play with some boys and one of them is HyungJoon.
“ahra…”I shout when AhRa is running in front of me
“don’t you study for you exams? Your exams will start next month” I said
“why you always disturb me? You don’t need to worry about me, I can do it by my self..”she answered and Aya grab the ball, “ he said stop playing”she said and leave, I see her back and follow her


-AhRa POV-

‘DAANNNNGGG!’ I throw the ball angrily. HyungJoon stand beside me and calm me down. And Minzy ( one of my best friend ) speak something in Chinese that i didn’t understand..
“let’s go to the club, “ I said
“YAAAAY, let’s gooo!” all people at sport room shouting..
At the club they just dance and some of them are DJ-ing. I just saw what they did and drink some wine to calm my self.. ‘Minho… and Aya’
“what happened to you? Why you so angry while Minho songsaenim followed Aya?” someone said
“ah HyungJoon, no.. that’s nothing” I said, and suddenly my phone’s ringing
“Hello?”I answer
“Hya AhRa! Why so noise there? Where are you?” Minho shout
“you call me just for ask where am I? You don’t need to know.. Just go with you Aya and I’ll be fine!” I answer angrily and hang up the phone
“who?”HyungJoon ask and I just shook my head


-Minho POV-

She hang up the phone, and she sounds so angry.. I sighed
“Why?”Aya ask
“No, my dongsaeng is go with her friends without telling me” I said
“oh you have a dongsaeng? Aahh, I wanna have a dongsaeng. But I life alone now.. My mom and dad leave me alone with my brother and while I bring him a medechine, my home was burnt. So my bro is passed away al few years ago”She explained
“oh, so sorry to hear that”I said
“but at least i have you here..”she smiled and suddenly her face is come closer and closer and her lips is touching mine. I shocked and push her
“w..what did you do?”I shout
“I love you.. and I wanna make my sign in your lips..”she said and someone grab her…
-Author POV-
“WHAT? HYA ! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MINHO AND AYA?” AhRa shout and all in the club sunddenly being quite
“HYA ! DONT EVER TOUCH THEM ! WHAT? AGH ! “ AhRa hang up the phone and look to her friend’s face
“Minho songsaenim and Aya are in danger.. I must go to see them, please what will happen don’t search or follow me, ok?” AhRa said and leave
She enter her car and drive like crazy.
“AhRa why did you come??”ask Minho who bounded in a chair and beside him sit Aya
“let them go.. NOW! “ AhRa answer to the boss who stand infront of ahra
“what if I said I won’t?”he answer, suddenly ahra’s back hited by someone, she fall down and grabbed her hand to stand up again
“don’t you know who am I?” the boss ask
“I know.. you and Aya are the people whom kill my family…”ahra said, tears suddenly fell from her eyes. Minho shocked and Aya just smiled
“please don’t take Minho from me.. please.. if you don’t satisfied to make me misery please just kill me!” ahra shout. The boss laugh out loud and walk to Minho’s chair
“so. You are ahra’s husband and her teacher?” the boss said and take his penknife and point it infront of Minho’s neck.
“ and ahra..are.”Aya said a bit angry. Ahra still crying and her someone hitting hard her back.
“HYAAAA. STOP IT!” so many people shouting and when Minho look to them, they’re his lovely students. And they hit all of the bandits
“ahra.. please open your eyes..”someone said it softly to ahra’s eyes. Suddenly ahra eyes opened slowly
“min…ho”ahra said
“hey.. i’m here. i’m sorry to make you angry, i’ll not repeat it again”he said
“I know it’s for your students and for my future”ahra said
“by the way.. I decide to resign from school. I’m too much make trouble at school and make my student in danger” Minho said, touching ahra’s face
“it’s up to you.. just do what u think is the best”ahra said and smiling. Minho’s face come closer and closer to ahra’s and kiss her lips
“so.. it’s true you two are married”Aya suddenly appear
“yes.. i’m sorry Aya, but Minho’s mine”ahra said calmly
“i always get what I want and I’ll get minho.. soon”Aya said
“Aya, please. My wife is still sick and I won’t leave her and see another girl. I’ll always love ahra and stay that way and never change” Minho said
“whatever, i’ll make you love me someday” Aya said and leave them with smile at her face
“ok mr.Choi.. I never meet this problem.. one class can involved in same problem.. I need to do something with this.” headmaster said
“no, sir. You didn’t need to do anything with the student. I’ve made resign letter so, i’m sorry for distress you in this period. Thanks for accepting me for being one of the teacher here. i have so many quality time here. once again thanks” Minho said and bowing
Minho leave headmaster’s room and see Minzy, Aya and ahra are waiting for him infront of headmaster’s room
“so.. are you really quit?”ask Aya and Minho just nodded
“please be nice to all of your friends, especially for you two, Aya and Ahra.. Stop being a naughty girl, you are grown already don’t be so childish, ok?”minho said
“yes, sir..”asnwer Aya and Ahra
“And Minzy, please take care of Ahra and Aya, ok?”ask Minho and Minzy just nodded
“time to go, see you somedays”minho said and leave them. Ahra just saw her husband’s back and she got an idea. She run to broadcast room and lock it. She prepare her self and speak with speaker
‘i can do it! For Minho!’ said Ahra
“Minho…songsaenim”said Ahra, all of students at that school shocked and look through the window to see Minho
“Choi Minho Songsaenim.. I knew you have such a hard time here and get some trouble caused by us.. we’re sorry. You said that you’ll do your best to us and always makes us happy and got quality time together. But why you just leave us behind and forget us? That’s not my Minho” said Ahra. Minho stop her move and heard ahra’s voice
“I wanna announce something.. Minho isn’t just my songsaenim, but he’s also my husband, I love him and he promised me to make me graduate from this school and always support me everytime. He always besides me , he is the one and only person who know me. And he’s the one and only that i have in this world. Please don’t leave me, and your students.. I.. I really love you, Minho” said Ahra, her tears just fell down and some students are hysteric and claping for them
Ahra run to Minho’s place as fast as she can and once she meet Minho she hug Minho tight. People watch them give them a shout and clap for them with smile
“I love you” ahra said
“and so i do” minho answer and kiss ahra’s lips


Even though there’s no one people left in this world, even my breath suddenly stoped, even my love disappear, there’s still one name in my mind and heart.. Choi Minho -ahra


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    i love this! even though i’ve watched the movie, still it feels different when the main character is a girl! and, sorry, aya, whoever you are, minho is MINE only and he loves me.

    awww thankyou, bb ❤

  2. Okay. I absolutely lost and had no idea where the story flows. Definitely confused but somehow I began to understand. Stupid me. I never watch the movie. Mianhae

  3. Dating on Earth~! :3
    so niceeeee,
    make me wanna watch it again and again ><~

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