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Title: [Drabble] – Inside Their Worries

Author: Choi Ahra

Genre: Friendship, Angst.
Rating: G
Cast: SHINee, slight SJ’s Eunhyuk.
Word Count: 1002
Disclaimer: only the plot is mine.
Summary: SHINee also had their own worries, but..
Warning: Nothing. Really. Sorry, but currently SM boys are my subject of angst story.

CURRENTLY IM HAVING MY FINAL EXAM NOW. but i cant stop typing! AGAIN, I MADE A SIMILAR STORY LIKE MY TWO PREVIOUS ONESHOTS. but it’s about SHINee. Cant help it, because i thought about this while i was in the middle of having my civic exam, then suddenly this inspiration popped out.


Onew gets tired everyday. Busy schedule within his hand, such as drama musical, reality show, even now he hosts a night show.

“ you mean what, hyung?” Onew got suprised. His SHINee’s manager hyung only stared on his notebook. “ yap. The recording is got accelerated.”

“ Got accelerated? About three hours? Oh really, i just finished my drama musical and now we’re going to –“

“ I dont know. The PD-nim told me so,” He replied and turned back, “ ah yes, tomorrow we will go to Minho’s collage.. i mean, Konkuk University. Just for remind you again.”


“ Jinki-ah?”

“ Mm.. no. I still keep in my mind,” Onew answered with low voice. The manager hyung shook his head and left Onew alone, who took a deep breath.

I really mind my health now.. why, yeah, im not as fit as my late 10s.

Jonghyun is the shortest member. Remember how he avoids every topics about height. Simple matter, but always gets compared with other members makes him fed up and feels down. Well, it’s big problem now, for sensitive boy like Jonghyun.

“ Being tall is not everything!” Jonghyun shouted to Minho. It was the day of Hello Baby ep7 recording, when they filmed 2nd mini-drama.

It’s not really fair when people started to think that being member of a boyband has to be tall or what. Jonghyun thinks that, other boys are too tall in their age. For countless time, he comforts himself.

Key felt that he must can do everything well. He’s almighty, right? Overcome his fear of height, once he tried to. But after that he realized that he’s not that almighty. He has his weakness, and yet people have been giving a high expectation to him, as the almighty Key. Now, he’s trying his best to do everything by himself, even of little things.

Just like that morning.

“ Kibummie Hyung, can i have my lunchbox?” Taemin asked. He already wore his highschool uniform. Onew was trying to recheck again about stuffs inside Taemin’s schoolbag when Key ran next to him and put the lunchbox in.

“ Is it done?” Taemin asked again. Key nodded. “ Well, Taeminnie, you can go to school now. Let Jinki-hyung go with – AH JONGHYUN-HYUNG. I FORGOT TO MAKE YOUR BREAKFAST AND MINHO’S TOO.”

Jonghyun, while rubbing his eyes, asked sleepily. “ did you? Ah.. im hungry..”

“ aish. I will make it now. Sorry i’m … omg i forgot i have another schedule… WHAT. A HOUR LEFT.

“ Kibummie,” suddenly Minho appeared from his room, “ actually i can make our breakfast so you’d better – “

“ no. No. I can do these by myself.” Before Minho and Jonghyun noticed everything, Key already made a scramble egg in 15minutes.

“ well,” Minho blinked, amazed, “ really, i can cook simple foods too. You have a job to do, right?”


Key forgot about himself. He has possesed by ‘almighty-instinct’ for all of this time, yet he has forgotten about himself, sometimes.

Minho tries his best to entertain viewers of reality show he does. Just for make SHINee proud of him, and how he can recieve more love than he used to. He’s hardworking person. He’s scared if his members fly, leave him any further just because Minho feels that he’s not as shine as them.

“ You are changed now,” Eunhyuk said when they got a break of DT recording.

“ Really?” Minho smiled shyly.

“ You are more talkative now,” He praised Minho, “ But entertainment is a hard world.”

“ It is, that’s why i decided to join Teukkie Academy,” Minho laughed softly.

But like usual, Minho thought hard how to make fans laugh.


Since i’m flaming charisma in their eyes, i cant do much.

Taeminnie is the maknae, right? He has positioned himself as the youngest dancer king. But except of that, Taeminnie sometimes is treated as a child. It’s not like he wants to be treated as a man, it’s just he doesnt like it. He loves to be the youngest, just..

In his school, for a simple example.

Taemin was walking down at school’s, nearly stepped into the building.

But then everyone whispered, how cute he was with uniform.

Taemin sighed and gave his best cute smile ever, made lots of fans got heart-attack. Taemin decided to walk again.

And then, a girl shouted shyly. “ Taeminnie! YOU ARE SO CUTE.” After that she hid her head quickly.

Day by day, he received this kind of attention, about his cute face. He loved it, but..

Sometimes he wants to be remembered as SHINee’s Taemin, a dancer.

That night.

Rarely, SHINee gathered on their living room, and laid on the floor. They opened the window and they could see stars clearly.

“ Whoa,” Key amazed, “ What a beautiful night scenery!”

“ It is,” Jonghyun got excited. Taemin put his head on Minho’s shoulder and the leader rubbed maknae’s hair softly.

Full of peace here.

“ Can we..” Taemin suddenly asked, “ Can we become shinier than the stars?”

Onew laughed. “ Of course, silly. Besides, we are together here. We can get through of every challanges we get.”

“ Really?”

“ What?” Key smiled, “ We are radiant SHINee, right? Hahah.”

Jonghyun laughed, agreed with Key. Minho hugged Taemin lightly and gave a longing peck on maknae’s head. “ Im sure we can become as shine as the stars, Minnie, or even more.”

Taemin nodded happily and asked a hug from his Hyungs. “ Should we yell our chant?”

“ Why not?” Jonghyun replied, and then one by one surronding the maknae while he was still laying on the floor. The maknae felt hard to breath, but he was more than happy. Onew, Jonghyun, Key, and Minho hugged each other.

They will be together forever.

“ One.. two.. three.. WE’RE GOING!”

That is.

With their chant and bonds.

That’s how their overcome their worries.

I know it’s rather simple and “what the heck” fic. lol.

It’s just.. i love my SHINee.



Comments on: "[Drabble] – Inside Their Worries" (4)

  1. sashalicia said:

    yeah, akhirnya first lagi 🙂
    yes, i love my shinee too…just because…i can’t resist with their shining look! owww…and they try to be the best for shinee world, reason they still stand in this ‘hard’ entertainment
    wait, MINHO IN TEUKI ACADEMY??? Sorry, i just shock to the max…can’t imagine how can flaming charisma turn to be dorky shindong or talktative teuki? LOL

    • he wants to join in haha. and they have lot of fun together in star king so.. yeah.

      i love his talkative side 🙂

  2. ga bs ngmong ap2.. i love this fic ! :]

    hhh,,emg tiap org pny “kecemasan” masing2..

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