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Title: The Unseen Reality

Author: Choi Ahra

Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Cast: Super Junior
Word Count: 501
Disclaimer: SME’s
SummaryNobody really can guess what is inside of Super Junior’s thought.


Even though they are cheerful, i know they are having a hard time.

Kangin oppa, do well for your army. We are strong ELFs so it’s easy to us for wait 2years so you guys can stand on the stage as 13 + 2 members again, right? :’> Be careful!



You dont know how it feels. We only smile and laugh, force our boys to happy.

To smile.

To be strong.

Leeteuk has to handle other 12 boys and 2 other family members, and yet 3 of them have to apart for a while. He doesnt know how to deal with except being strong and never shows his weakness in front of his members.

Heechul is always being mistaken as gay or only member who never cares to other members. But in fact, he’s the one who took care of kyuhyun when he got car accident, and the one who cried in front of ELF, shows how much he miss Hangeng. As he’s getting old, once he had a thought about leaving super junior but he can’t. He loves his super junior so much.

Sungmin feels he doesnt have any special talent except his aegyo. He only knows how to play instrument and he thinks that his dance or voice is not better than everyone.

Eunhyuk? He got a pretty sensitive heart. He knows what it feels when a member got hurt. He knows everything.

Donghae, our little fishy. He’s still naive but yet he has to face every facts that consist a pain. Don’t know how to describe it more because he’s easy to cry also.

Ryeowook realized he is not that attractive. He’s only a cute-yet-unnoticable member, that’s how he thinks. He just wants to be noticable.

Kyuhyun with his really sharp mouth, and people sometimes get mistaken again with his words. He knows he’s fierce maknae instead of cute. He feels like that.

Siwon always gets worried.. about everything. Every night he prays to God, to give the best for Super Junior and his family.

Yesung as the shortest member, feels that he’s the one who stand out from everyone. Once he said in Star Golden Bell, slowly he lost his identity.

Shindong gets a slight worry about his love-life and his big body. He found people who only saw him as a idol who has sense humour.. not a real idol.

Kibum wants to comeback soon with his members, but he got lot of schedules for his acting career. Kibum miss them so much, and he is worried if there’s a distance between him and the members.

Kangin regrets what he has done. He regrets that he made ELF got sad. His decision to enter the army is not that easy, in fact, he wished he had a time-machine so he wouldn’t make any mistake.

Hangeng.. got a personal conflict with himself, whether want to stay together or continue the law suit. He loves his members so much. He wants to stand on a same stage with them, but now he decided to take a rest despite the law-suit.

For Zhou Mi and Henry who have to stand up in all of these conflicts, they deal with everything.. with their big heart.

God bless you boys, Super Junior.

I mean, i really meant it.


Comments on: "[Oneshot] The Unseen Reality" (10)

  1. jisunnieeee said:

    mau nangis bacanya T_____T

  2. Park Mika said:

    waaa…. nice ff…
    can’t stop crying…

  3. sashalicia said:

    yeah, every one has a problem…but if we can face the problem, how big the problem, we are the winner

    may god bless super junior until the end 🙂

  4. cry…n cry..just it!!really speechless read this ff…i hope god always bless super junior forever till the end of time

  5. about to cry~

    “God bless you boys, Super Junior.
    I mean, i really meant it.”

    absolutely, we are…

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