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Title: Unlocked Heart by ‘Key’

Author: Choi Ahra

Genre: Romance and slight fail Humour
Rating: PG
Cast: Key/You
Word Count: 1330+
Disclaimer: SM’s.
SummaryYou got jealous with Irang and snapped at Key.

Warning: Lil bit naughty ending. No smut, i swear.

This’s for my beloved friend Christine and Hyunrikim (mutia)! im sorry i made your guys request as one because of same main character.. KEY!! i decided to make Key and You story (thanks for miss_circle, your LJ inspired me) so everyone can feel as the girl xD ME TOO. I FELT THE SAME THING WHEN I WROTE THIS /smacked by lockets.

Surry, Minho! I only love you from my deepest heart *cries*

AND! i can write english oneshot or with bahasa, actually. but after i saw shinee_replay’s LJ, i think using english is way much fun because it’s not really that awkward then when i used bahasa xD

i use english if the character is YOU/I/SHE. depends on the POV.

but recently i enjoy to use YOU/I/SHE, dunno why. So maybe i’ll use this kind of style for a while LMAO.

IDK anymore. HEHE. temporal interest drives my mind.

any case, just enjoy this! sweet comments are highly allowed! HEHE.


Key was surrounded by beautiful women, since Yunhanam, and now in raising idols, he got a pretty cute and kind of strong girl as his teacher.

You didn’t know how world worked out. You wondered why he choosed you. You looked at yourself.

Happy cooking, kibum, you said in your heart. You felt jealous towards Irang, his teacher. Lately he had much time with her because of cooking lesson.


Went out together, huh? Had a playful time and laughed. You and key had not met for almost two weeks yet irang got a lot of days.

Ah well.

You were about phoned him. You wanted to tell how you missed him in your unhealthy condition.

“ Hello?”

You gulped. This was a woman’s voice. “ Hello. Is kibum there?”

“ aah. Are you his girl? Wait for a second, now he’s making kind of healthy recipe.. i will tell him that you –“

“ no. Thank you. I dont want to disturb him. Good afternoon, miss. Irang.” You turned off the call and sighed. No matter how you tried to make your mind went straight, still, did let another girl pick up the phone is too much?!

Fine. You took your bag and went out to your part time job place. Being a maid in a unique cafe, by using roller-scate as your shoes, made you want to puke and scared to touch fragile things.. yet, you felt uber tired due lack of sleep.

Kibum told me that he wants to meet me in apartment and take a look of me.. you thought, but your jealousy burned your mind and you decided to take a long breath. You regretted why your boss didnt gave you a free day to take a rest. Your part time job and your college stuffs always ruin your eating and resting time.

.. well, seemed like you wouldn’t grab any dinner, because today gonna be extremely busy. You had to replace your friend for a day – and you only could finish it at 6pm. That’s why your boss didnt allow you to had a free day today, and he allowed only for tomorrow.

Perfect, you whispered in sorrow.


“ Thank you, miss! I’m sorry for troubling you!” Your boss said. You smiled. At least give me a quality time for a day, boss.

“ Tomorrow sunji will replace you as the reward for you replacing her today.”


You thanked your boss and went back to your apartment. It only took 15 minutes until you reached your apartment. You entered in without thinking twice, whether you should check the lock or what.

When you stepped into your room, your phone was ringing. You saw the caller’s name on your phone screen.


“ Hello?” you grunted through the phone.

“ Hah? Is this really you?”

“ I am,” you answered lazily.

“ Really?”

“ Oh, Kibum, talk to the main point, please,” you snapped.

“ Ah. Now im heading to your place so –“

“ Okay. Be hurry. Im tired.”

You hung up the phone and laid on your bed. You reached your laptop and watched again the raising idols via youtube, yet you were about smacked the screen.


Fine. You closed your browser and put your head on pillow.

I’m tired.



Someone touched your cheek.

You opened your eyes.

“ Hello, baby girl.”

You saw a pretty boy in front of you, made a WIDE smile. “ did i wake you up?”

You sat fastly because got shocked, almost kicked him. “ Why you.. why…”

“ You unlocked the door. Geez. You should be more careful next time.”

You were frozen. “ I’m.. sorry..”

“ Please dont do that again, okay?”

You nodded and he smiled. You realized something. THAT irang girl. You glared at him. All you could see was irang sat beside him, even though it was just your imagination playing with you.

You stared at him without noticed that.. your gaze was extramely scary.

“ What..” Key went confused, “ Is there something wrong with me?”

“ Nothing.”

“ Come on.”

“ Dont torture me.”

He sighed. “ I could tell you are mad at me.”

You didnt answer. He reached your hand. “Fyi, i’ve made you a dinner. I know, as usual, you wanted to skip your dinner and today, ALMOST, you did again.”

You nodded half-hearted and stood up. He opened the door but he ran back to you quickly. “ Close your eyes.”

“ Why?”

“ Just because!”

You were about protested until he shut your eyes with his hands. “ follow me,” he whispered. You giggled and gave up, then you both walked with his hands on your eyes.

What on earth did he do?

“ well,” he said with bright tone, “ this is it.”

He let you saw what is in front of you, and your eyes went wider.

A healthy prepared dinner had been prepared

and it looked tasty.

“ actually i was already here since 90minutes ago. I knew you were sleeping and i decided to make dinner without made you wake up.”

You stared at him, confused. He smiled. “ Why dont you try this? I did my best, dear.”

You walked nearly the table and tasted the food.


“ It’s really tasty.. and it’s not bitter even though there’re lot of vegies..”

Key jumped and looked extremely excited. “ YEAH! I have to thank Irang!”

Your eyes went sharp when key mentioned her name. Your foot almost flew to his thigh until he pointed the food. “ I asked irang to teach me about making healthy food! I know you often skip your dinner and you have lot of things to do. Im worried about your health so.. this’s what i thought!”


“ mm.. about a call i made today and irang was the one who picked up..”

“ ahh. I told her to answer the call no matter who’s the caller and explain i’m with my recipe. This’s quite difficult recipe but i’ve made it! Yeaaah! I was worried whether you would love this or not but thank God, you like this!”

You lowered your head, felt touched. “ this’s for me? Really?”

“ you dont believe me? Of course i love you, girl! I care about you as my girlfriend! Hahaha dont ask an obvious matter to be answered..”

You felt wrong because you almost had not believe him. You took a deep breath. “ I’m sorry.”

“ About what?”

“ For not believing you,” you replied, “ You’ve always surrounded by beautiful women. i felt jealous towards irang. She could be with you everytime while i was here, watching you from screen. You two walked side by side, had a playful time, and you looked happy. so that’s the reason why i..”

“ am i?”

“ yes.”

He laughed and hugged you from back. “ Silly. She’s my cooking teacher. Of course i enjoy my cooking lesson time! You know i love cooking so much, don’t you? But it has a different feeling from our alone time. I’m extremely happy with you, girl.”

“ That’s why i apologized.”

“ don’t apologize. You are cute if you get jealous,” key cupped your head and gave you a widest smile ever. You almost stopped your breathing.

He’s really pretty.

And other thing that you felt relieved,

That pretty boy is yours.

He always be as himself, yet he has unlocked your heart.

You put your head on his shoulder. “ Thank you,” you whispered, ” i love you.”.

” I love you more,” he rolled to your side, kissed your jaw. “ Can i stay for a night? Tomorrow i’m free from all of my cursed busy schedule.”

“ Just don’t attack me while i’m sleeping.”

Key said nothing but left a smirk on his beautiful face. He’s a boy, after all. Dirty mind speaks.


Comments on: "[oneshot] Unlocked Heart by ‘Key’" (20)

  1. Kyaaaaa,
    ‘dirty mind speaks’ o.o

    *nyeret key balik*

  2. jisunnieee said:

    Keren! Kok writernya bisa sih nulis cerita pake b.inggris?? 😮

  3. itinechan said:

    ealah dikauuuuuuu!!!
    menye2 makasih yah udah bikinin~ >///<
    idih malu ndiri bacanya xD
    hhahaha tengkyu tengkyuuuu

  4. nadilaaaaa~~ hahaha…
    keren nad keren…so swit gtu si key hahhaa..
    si itin psti sneng dehh~
    Tp emgna sgtu romantisnya kah si key ama si Irang di rising idol?
    soalnya gw ga nntn hhe..

    Tp overall bgus koq..
    loll dirty mind at the end…^^


    • ya mereka nempel2 gitu deh di RI, gue aja yg flame meringis sedih T^T

      key kan emg selalu sweet, he knows how to act in front of girl lmao.


      thankyou, bb ❤

  5. God! This’s rly rly nice ff! Yea, key always makes all girl melt haha. He’s really a playboy.Key is too sweet in here. Don’t make me wanna kiss you key *kidding*. My heart only for taem. Could you make a fanfic for me?

  6. hyunrikim said:

    Onnie thnks thnks thnks, love you smuch*big kiss* hehehe but i think my name is hyunrikim not kimhyunna hehehe but never minD 😀

  7. aaaah i want to be the girl, of course, every lockets wants to be the girl ooooh read this fanfic makes me smiling till the end of the story haaahhh

  8. onn, can you make ff for me? Pairing with taemin pleaaaaaase! My korean name is choi kae rim please onn! But in bahasa ya haha

  9. awww Keyyyyyy :3333333
    10 thumbs up to you, onnie ! gw sukaaa bgt ceritanya ~ xD

  10. sashalicia said:

    aww…aww…key…so sweet skali dirimu, tw aja klu aq suka klaperan malem2 *digetok minho*
    hayo…key km mikirin apa? dirty mind? oh, abis masakannya bnyak, jd bnyak piring kotor deh y 😀 *digetok ahra ssi krn ngerusak suasana*
    jd pnasaran ama raising idol…mw hunting2 ah 🙂

    • minho was extremely jealous when i made this HEHE.

      well you can struggle with sfi’s youtube, they have RI with subs 🙂

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