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Title: The Maknae is Bored

Author: Choi Ahra

Genre: Comedy [fail, like usual ;_;), Friendship
Rating: G
Cast: [main] UKiss’s Dongho. There’s also Soohyun and slight Kibum-Eli
Word Count: 500+(based on my microsoft word hehe)
Disclaimer: these cute boys aren’t mine.
SummaryIf they lived together in a dorm, what would dongho do when he got bored?

Warning: It’s safe. i dont put any warning *wink*

I wrote this because i was bored.. and i realized it’s turned weird… A REALLY WEIRD SHORT STORY.


IDK anymore



“ hyung! Let’s play a game!” asked dongho cheerfully after done perform in music bank. Kibum shook his head.

“ no, dongho-ah. I’m busy now. I’ll attend a show so i have to prepare.”

Dongho pouted his mouth. Now he walked to Eli.

“ hyung! Wanna play card?” asked dongho, wrapping his arms around Eli’s waist. Eli smiled and put his hand on dongho’s hairs, played with them. “ i’m sorry, dongho-ah. Later i’ll shoot Mnet Scandal so –“

“ aish, hyung,” dongho puffed his cheeks, “ you should play with me more often! Not with mnet scandal only!”

“ next time i will. I promise.”

Dongho left Eli with disappointment, and went to xander’s room, but then he remembered xander, kiseop, and kevin went off to somewhere else.. ah. This morning they asked me to go to English Town. Like i want to. Sigh.


He opened the door, happily. “ SOOHYUN HYUNG~”

Dongho was frozen, suddenly.

“ Ah, dongho-ah..” Soohyun smiled awkwardly,” i’m changing my clothes now so you can wait on my bed – “

“ AAAAAA!!!”

“ you are weird, dongho-ah,” Soohyun said, confused, “ we are both men, why you should scream like a little girl when you saw me naked?”

Dongho’s cheeks blushed. “ mm.. because.. err..”

Soohyun laughed. “ what a cute maknae. Here, here. Why did you call me?”

Dongho hugged Soohyun lightly. “ I want to play card or video game. Would you want to play with me? Desperately need a fun, hyung. Everyone has their own things to do.”

Soohyun smiled. “ alright.”

Dongho’s eyes turned bright. “ Reallyyyyy?”

“ Yeah. What should we –“


Suddenly there was a phone, ringing. Both got suprised.

“ I think it’s yours. The ringtone –“

“ yeah,” Soohyun grinned, “ is it weird?”

Dongho nodded. Soohyun cracked in laugh. “ It’s your sleep sound!”

Dongho was speechless. Soohyun pinched dongho’s cheeks. “ aigoo, you are so cute. Wait, let me pick up the phone – hello? Mom? …. WHAT? Ah really? Oh well.. I should go home now.. yeah.. Alright, bye mom.”

Soohyun put his phone to his pocket and stared dongho guilty. “ Dongho-ah. I’m sorry.. Mm.. My mom told me there’s an emergency situation so.. i have to go home..”

Dongho’s face looked disappointed. Soohyun cupped dongho’s hair and said, “ Would you forgive me? I’m really sorry, dongho-ah..”

Dongho tried to smile. “ Ah, it’s okay, hyung! We can play next time. We never know that there’d be an emergency situation so –“

Soohyun hugged Dongho. “ Tomorrow we will play together, okay? Bye, Dongho-ah!” After took his wallet, soohyun was gone from the door.

Tomorrow is our recording time..

Dongho could cry anytime.

There wasn’t a chance to play with his hyungs.

Dongho sighed and walked to his own room. He met Choco, his dog. Dongho carried him and pouted.

“ Choco. I’m bored. No one can play with me.. ;_;”


AWW DONGHO!! Let Noona play with youu! /kicked by kissme /smacked by Minho


Comments on: "[Oneshot] The Maknae is Bored" (8)

  1. vieyuki said:

    poor lil dongho lol~ ^^ it was quite funny when it came to soohyun’s part.
    i think you should add something to the ending. it’s not really like an ending… well… i thought it’ll be continued ;_; maybe it’s better it you put “!” instead of emote?? well, only my suggestion ^^
    enjoy writing, lol 😀

    • lmao because if i put the ‘!’, it’d give a different feeling. i want to make dongho felt sad instead of yelled ❤

      thankyou soo much ❤

  2. jisunieee said:

    OMG You r totally genius! This kind of ff is simple but cute.. Poor lil dongho xD

  3. jisunieee said:

    Omg this’s genius .. !

    Dongho is so cute maknae .. ^^

  4. sashalicia said:

    oh god, ahra ssi….that!s why i really love maknae!!! (yeah, eventhough minho is not maknae)…
    but, really…maknae can act so cute and don’t forget…they can act evil too! (suddenly remember evil kyu)
    ok, my next target: dongho, maknae from ukiss…*smacked by minho* LOL

  5. sashalicia said:

    oh y, satu lagi ahra ssi…mw ngasih saran aj y, g brmaksud mnggurui, bwt pnulisan d blkg nama yg nonformal, mis. bwt dongho, krn blkgnya huruf vokal (o), jd partikel tmbhan hrsnya ya, ni jg brlaku bwt minho…jd dipanggilnya minhoya…soalnya org korea ga suka klu bicara tp ga enakeun di mulut mreka…kcuali klu huruf blkgnya konsonan, misalnya taemin, itu dtambah -a atau -i, jd dipanggilnya taeminnie, atau taemin-ah..
    CMIIW 🙂

  6. well i only love minho, other boys are just my idol 🙂

    oh i see, thankyou for your explanation :))

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