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Title: (oneshot) unbelieveable way to love

Author: Choi Ahra

Genre: Romance, comedy (idk, maybe fail ;_;)
Rating: PG
Cast: [main] Micky Yoochun, slight changmin and junsu
Word Count: 1729 (based on my microsoft word hehe)
Disclaimer: SM’s not me. and yulia’s. LMAO
Summary: three plans to made the boyfriend confessed!

Special for: Yulia! You won the last game from me, guessing-who-i-am. Lmao. and as the reward, i made this for you. Hope you’ll like it, dear.

Readers, sweet comments are allowed (again) HEHE.

Enjoy πŸ™‚


She knew that she had a different boyfriend. She stared at her boy. Handsome and had an unique charm. Back then he got bunch of pretty girlfriends, and now it had been three months since she and he went out.

She loved him so much. His gentle act, his romantic side, everything.

He had took a special place in her heart because when she got any problems, he was always on her side, comforting her. Even though he was an artist, but he accepted her as his girl.

But then she realized, he never said β€˜i love you’ toward her, or took a lead first, such as holding hands.

She knew too well about her appereance. This was her 2nd relationship and her very first love. She was plain and still naive, far from all of his ex-s, but she confessed to him and he agreed to went out with her. But until now, she had not heard any confess from him.

And now, she got a special mission – recommended from Junsu, her bestfriend: HOW TO TURN YOUR LOVER INTO A .. (?)

She didnt know what she wanted to turns him to. But at least, she wanted to heard a confession from her boyfriend or.. conquered him.

She had made list of the plans.

THREE PLANS ONLY. She couldnt think more than three. Dang, junsu didnt help much either.

  1. Made him fell with your cute expression.
  2. Spend your quality time with pretty and sexy dress.
  3. Hug him from back.


1st Plan.

She stared at her list of the plans and sat on his boy’s sofa. She felt nervous while waiting for her chance.

β€œ hey.”

She heard he stepped out from bathroom. β€œ Yoochun-oppa!”

Yoochun smiled. β€œ hello. Am i being late or..”

β€œ no,” she said. He nodded and she realized that yoochun only wore his pants and topless, only towel on his shoulder. She gulped. This is it. She walked toward him and.. she β€˜accidentally’ tripped her foot and fell down. Yoochun got suprised and catched her.

Now they stared each other.

Her cheeks turned red. Yeah. This is the exact time!

She tried to stare cutely with her puppy eyes. Who knew that Yoochun might get blushed with her cute act and couldnt resist the aegβ€”

Yoochun stood up. β€œ be careful. The floor is quite slippery so.. yeah.” And he turned back from her.

Her eyes went wider.




2nd plan

She looked at her watch and waited uncalmly. It had been 15minutes since –

β€œ oh my dear. Im sorry, i just went to bathroom and β€“β€œ the door was opened, and yoochun stood up in front of him. β€œ yeah. Both junsu hyung and changmin didnt open the door because they are still sleeping. The rest members are now at the studio so..”

β€œ no problem,’ she smiled, β€œ i understand.”

Then yoochun noticed something. She used a pretty but quite sexy floral dress. Yoochun gasped. β€œ emm.. your dress..”

β€œ ah. Isnt this cute? Junsu oppa said this is pretty for me and..”

β€œ junsu?”

β€œ yeah! He got a nice taste!”

Yoochun took a breath and said, β€œ come in.” She stepped into the dorm and looked how neat the dorm was. Yoochun said nothing and she felt an awkwardness. Yoochun asked her to sat beside him on sofa and they watched the TV.


No way. I have to start a conversation! She thought, and even junsu oppa got this dress for me so i have to do this well!

β€œ oppa.”

She laid her head on yoochun’s shoulder. β€œ im tired.”

β€œ you shouldnt come here, dear.”

She pouted. β€œ you dont want to?”

Yoochun shook his head and turned to her. β€œ no! That’s not what i mean because β€“β€œ

He stopped his words when he saw a milky, white skin of her and the collarbone who shown off proudly through her dress.

She blinked her eyes. Does yoochun oppa get the tease?

β€œ ah,” he stood up, β€œ I want a glass of water..” and then he went off.

She sighed and took out the list.

  1. Made him fell with your cute expression.
  2. Spend your quality time with pretty and sexy dress.
  3. Hug him from back.

She got the dissapointment.

  1. Made him fell with your cute expression.
  2. Spend your quality time with pretty and sexy dress.
  3. Hug him from back.

No way, she thought in embarassement, junsu oppa made me to do this now.

A hug? Dang. She could die because of heart attack.

What was on earth about this –

β€œ dear. Do you want a snack? I’ll make a sandwich or something.” Suddenly he popped out from nowhere. She got suprised, and then she said, β€œ anything you want to, oppa. Im fine.”

β€œ alright.” He turned back to the kitchen, leaving his girlfriend who bit her lips. She looked at her boy’s back and realized how wide it was.

Hug him from back.. eh?

She stared his backside.

I never realized how manly he is.

.. suddenly she was now behind him, and wrapping her arms around yoochun’s waist.

Yoochun stopped his cooking.

She closed her eyes.

It’s warm.

… Then, he turned back and smiled. He put his hand on her head, and said. β€œ you were acting weird, dear. Is there something wrong?”


β€œ you are like a child, dear..” he said again.

A child?

β€œ what β€“β€œ


Her hands went off from yoochun’s waist quietly. Yoochun blinked, confused. β€œ dear?”

β€œ emm. I want to go to bathroom.”

She left the kitchen, but she didnt go to the bathroom.

She went to junsu’s room instead, waking him up.

Hopefully junsu oppa can comfort me.

  1. Made him fell with your cute expression.
  2. Spend your quality time with pretty and sexy dress.
  3. Hug him from back.

what an epic fail.


β€œ why isnt she at bathroom?” yoochun wondered and stared at the table. The sandwiches were ready, but she was nowhere in the bathroom. The light was still turned off.

β€œ i wonder where..”

Then he stopped in front of junsu’s room. Does he know where is she? But im sure he’s still sleeping and –

Once he opened the door, his eyes went wider.

She was sitting beside Junsu. Her head was on Junsu’s shoulder, and she was crying. Junsu’s hand was on her head, comforting her.

Yoochun lost his control.

He quickly yanked her from Junsu’s side.

β€œ I’m sorry,” yoochun glared at junsu, β€œ i have a talk with her.”


β€œ Yoochun-oppa! Ya! Where will we go?!” she asked frustately, but he replied nothing. He pulled her to somewhere, and it had been ten minutes, yet she didnt know where she had to go to.

She closed her eyes and screamed, β€œ YA!!”

After that, both of them stopped. She panted and asked again with higher tone. β€œ why you..”

β€œ YOU!” he turned back

Yoochun stared at her, angrily. β€œ Why did you cry in front of junsu?!”

β€œ pardon me?”

β€œ if you got a problem, you should tell me! Not him!” he yelled at her. Couldnt handle her frustation, she yelled back.


Yoochun blinked. She hit yoochun’s arm lightly. β€œ You know, you never confessed to me! It’s always me! Im the one who always asked you first! You never ask me to do something or hold my hand! It’s me! It’s always me who take the lead! Why? Is that because im not as pretty as your ex like gaehee unnie?! Or you dont love me? So why did you accept me at the first place, if im nothing for – β€œ

and before she knew what was going on, yoochun’s lips crashed to her mouth.

She got uber-suprised. β€œ what the β€“β€œ

They broke the kiss due oxygen needed, and they stared each other.

Then she realized something.

Yoochun’s cheeks turned red.

β€œ if you know what did i think.. aish..”

She looked confused. β€œ what?”

β€œ well.. you are so naive and still innocent. I was suprised when you asked me go out.. I’m happy. This is my first time for having a girl like you and.. as the time passed, there was a thought that i couldnt touch you. You were being plain, childlike. I swear i was about going to kiss you or something when you β€˜teased’ me.”

β€œ i dont get it.. so why did you..”

He sighed. β€œ i could still be able to control myself, yet the moment i saw you cried and being comforted by other, my mind went blank. I didn’t want you to showed your expression that i had not seen.. that’s why..”

Her expression told that she still didnt get what he meant. β€œ and in the other words then.. you..”

He laughed. β€œ i guess i have to talk directly.”

β€œ eh..”

Yoochun pulled her body next to him and wrapped her by his arms, hugged her tightly. β€œ I do love you.”


Needed few seconds until she understood what he said.

He confessed to me.

β€œ well..” he smiled, β€œ so.. i’m sorry.. i dont want to lost your innocence or..”

Suddenly, tears fell down through her cheeks.

Yoochun shocked and asked, β€œ hey! Why are you crying for β€“β€œ

β€œ i dont care,” she answered, trembling, β€œ i dont care what you will do later.. at least we can together. At least i know your true feeling.”

Yoochun got lost for seconds, and he smiled, hugged her lightly. β€œ oh my, dont cry. Yeah yeah, i love the way you are, silly.”



maybe junsu oppa’s plans that made for me arent that bad.

She nodded and smile widely.

Yoochun almost stopped his breathing before he got his wild mind again back to normal. His hand rested on her shoulder. She felt confused.

β€œ oppa?”

β€œ you know,” he whispered, β€œ i dont know what i’m going to do in the future. I’m a type person who wont let go his prey once he got it.”

β€œ heh?”

Yoochun smiled. β€œ that means, i wont let go of you, even if you scream, or get scared. Because, you don’t know how much i was holding back my lust of loving you.”

β€œ what does that β€“β€œ

β€œ nevermind. Let’s go back. I remembered something. I’ve prepared the sandwiches on the table, and if we still dont eat that, changmin will.”




Comments on: "[Oneshot] Unbelieveable Way to Love" (10)

  1. Yo ! So great ;D oh my.. Yoochun and Junsu.. Lmao ~

    Thaks sweety β™₯

    • you like it?? it’s quite simple ;_; sorry ;_; dang! yoochun was such a tease, right? his wide back! and junsu comforted you! lmao.

  2. just read it n…darl~ i luv it ❀
    i like the way u wrote it without losing it's feel

  3. hmm, sweeeet story :9
    heey there’re my boyS, dbsk πŸ˜€

  4. Nice story. A great plan to reveal your lover’s feeling. I’ve been tried it once n I got the perfect result. He5x

  5. sashalicia said:

    “i’m a type person who won’t let go his prey once he got it”
    jiahahaha, ngakak sumpah baca ni…oh ok, yoochan oppa, jd km nganggap cewe2mu sbg mangsa yg siap km santap? brbahaya skali oppaku yg satu ni…LOL
    wah, yg ngasih saran tuh junsu oppa? ga nyangka, org se-innocent itu expert jg dlm mslh cinta…apa gr2 taeyeon ssi atw gr2 lagu intoxiahcation sbg. pngakuan klu dia udh bukan anak kcil lagi? *jiah, malah ngegosip deh*
    another one shot success from ahra ssi, coz like rianti said: i like it πŸ™‚

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