more fantasy about k-pop

This is choi ahra.

Regarding to gotta be facing national exam (im on my 3rd year of high school), which means i cant update REALLY SOON. I dont give word for writing fast D: depends on the time and situation.

But i still write or else i could die of boreness. writing fic is my life ❀

Im gonna end Because I Really Love You within few more chaps (since it’s getting longer? lol jk. that’s the plot).

i still work on Acknowledge It, It’s SHINee Sangtae! , my collab fic with Nino.

And some fics if i get inspiration?

that’s all! thankyou ~ 8D contact me on @ahrasshii for further.




Comments on: "im gonna half (?) hiatus. probably. yes." (18)

  1. monchul said:

    1. Maksudnya? Kalo sbg admin? Gw jawab per yang gw ngerti ya.. Gw suka karangan ahra, bagus ko. Jalan ceritanya simpel, tapi ga monoton, ga bkin bosen juga. Jadi jangan berhenti berkarya ya, chingu (:

    2. Ff favorit gw. Dari ceritanya pasti bakalan panjang… Menurut gw lanjut posting disini aja lah, biar ga repot kasi link chap lama etc.

    3. Wah brarti boleh request dong? Hehe i’m telling u, my fave not donghae or minho. Prefer kyuhyun of the rest of my life *lebay haha

    4. Gw sendiri ngerti, admin kan punya dunia sendiri. Lagian ga tiap hari kan pembaca buka blog? (atau gw aja yang jarang ngenet? -_- ) gapapa asal ga mati blog ini…

    Sori ya, gw lebih sering jadi silent reader (: di setiap blog malah _’_ nanti di usahain banyak komen… Sukses terus ya koreaninone, salam kenal sama admin2 nyaa! *waves* hwaiting! (:

  2. ouh, HWAITING my beloved unnie!!
    i always support you! please make continuation of bcs i really love you, in this blog of course :)) cause i’m a big fan of that ff…

    unnie do you love dancing? cause,me too XDD but, i think my dance is not as good as yours…

  3. sashalicia said:

    aah…2nd year of snior high school, so i will call u dongsaengie, ok? πŸ™‚

    i will try to answer:
    1. it’s ok if u are admin of koreaninone, really no problem with this…:)

    2. i’m a big fan of ‘because i really love u’ so i wouldn’t boring just bcoz u don’t post it in a few week or few month, maybe…i think it’s okay, coz writer needs idea πŸ™‚

    3. okay, please made one for changminnie and me! kekeke~~~ just kidding

    4. same with no.1, really no problem πŸ™‚

    1 mssage from me: take care your body, ok? πŸ™‚

  4. wawww thankyou guys ❀

    yeah actually, im lack of inspiration for Because I Really Love You lately. I have the plot and i know about how i will turn the story to be, but im lack to connect the story, and it needs couple of days to finish it. hehehe. but some ppl .. hm.. acted like being writer is easy so.. yeah, i dont have to mention that hehehe.

    thankyou! well i'll try to update it soon then πŸ™‚

    for mutia (hyunrikim): yes, i do a dance cover bb ❀ aww im not good too in dance, dear. hehe.

  5. jqlinecho said:

    hwaitting eonni..
    since i’m new here
    i can’t answer for the number 1 question
    coz i yhink all of u guys here always do your best..
    And i really want to be like u..
    I really want to hava a dance cover course but my mom don’t let me do that..
    Eonni the only thing that i want to tell you is..
    Take care of your body n don’t be stressful

    • that’s why *sigh* i’m afraid im being stupid in this forum – i only can write and im not that brilliant in writing a story bcs it always takes more time to write a fanfic, and maybe it has not much different from other story ;_;

  6. Wow! Its okay!
    I’m your big fan dude! Don’t ever think you’re stupid in here, you’re a good writer bb and i love your fanfic
    just it! Still write ahra!

  7. hyunrikim said:

    Wuaah onnie, i really wanna study dance cover from you! LOL XD

    Onnie, the one which is stupid in this blog is me, not you huhu~

    • alright let me take a not, ALL OF OUR ADMIN ARE SWEET AND SMART, ARENT THEY ❀

      including you bb. love you :*

      • mutianrard said:

        thankss for encouraging onn, LOVE YOU SO MUCH<3
        but, i'm sorry cause of my lack of inspiration, my ff will publish belatedly 😦

      • anytime, my dear. me too, im lack of inspiration ;_;

        hopefully those brilliant idea can be popped in our mind haha.

  8. how pity you’re ah ra-sshi..

    please understand about her position. she cant make any story in a second blink, so i hope you keep patient. (hehe, i care cause she is my friend at school) remember God always love everyone who can keep patient..

    she is such a busy woman i’ve ever had. in school or be patient..

    and ah ra-sshi..please my lovely dongsaeng, please let donghae with jihwa! pleeeaaase or i’ll die..

    • Ahahaha you do know me because we ALWAYS sit and hang around together lol. you know what i do now.

      relaaaax. i will. or the real jihwa will throw me from the 4th floor of school. geez. fangirl is scary. lol

  9. hwaiting ahra-ssi!
    Gonna wait for your awesome fics ^^
    Don’t worry, I’ll be patient hehehe~

  10. yaaah hwaiting ahra eonnie for the national exam! i love your fics so much πŸ™‚ good luck!! ^^

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