more fantasy about k-pop

Dedicated to yulianese, who req this ff to me 😀 Enjoy, my dear.

Rate: PG-13


When someone has an idol boyf/girlf, first thing they’d do is, they will hide their true self bcs they dont want their lover got any problem.

It’s a simple story.

A sweet story, nothing much, eh? Lol


“ Ya. You, wake up.”

A voice from kibum phone was telling him nicely. He soon felt regretting to picked up your call. “ Ya.. I’m tired, dear. At least let me have some sleep.. it’s still 7.00am..”

“ na, na, na, it was your fault, why did you play videogame at the first place?” you asked.

“ ah.. it was because i startled, still.. felt amazed because i ate tarantula,” kibum replied

“ you are way speak too much, darling,” you said cutely.

“ ahh damned.. dear, i will wake up if you come to my house..”

“ oh really? Good thing to hear, because i’m already in front of your house.”

Suddenly kibum’s eyes became wide. “ WHAT?!”

“ .. ahh, dont be suprised! Come on, open the door please. You dont want to make a girl become a suspicious person, right, coming to Kim Kibum UKISS’s house?” you said. Soon, he stood up and ran to the door, opening it. you smiled after saw him. “ hello, big baby. love, you. So, what are gonna do, today?”

“ err.. nothing much, really. I’m just.. WAH. What do you bring?” he suprised.

“ well, i’m gonna make you breakfast. Wanna some?” you asked. He smiled. “ of course. I’d love to..” he said, giving you a peck on your cheek. You was giggled. “alright, don’t kiss me in outside. Can i come in?”

“ sure. I’ll take a bath. You go ahead with my kitchen,” kibum said. Then you came in, and trying to wore apron, but kibum helped you and kiss your ear. “ please make some of DELICIOUS FOOD!!”

“ Tarantula?”

“ ew. Normal food.”

You laughed and nodded. “ sure. You said you want to take a bath, right? I’ll take care this,” you pointed the kitchen. He smiled then he left you.

You were struggling with knife and then you decided to make porridge. He’ll love this.
You took chicken out from freezer, and slice it.

After 15minutes, when the porridge almost done, someone hugged you from bag.

“ what are you making now, dear?”

“ porridge,” you said, “ do you love it?”

“ anything that you made, i love it.”

“ cheesy.”

He laughed and then sent a butterfly kiss to your lips. “ oh my, dont ever tease me in this early morning,” you said.

“ but you love it, dont you?”

Your cheeks were blushing and he laughed again, pinched your cheeks. “ aigoo, my girl. Haha. Eits, is it done?”

“ yep,” you said, then you brought him the porridge.

“ aww, looks yummy..” kibum said.

“ eat it, big baby. you need to be energized.”

“ alright, alright. Bon apetite.”

Both of you were eating nicely and sometimes he teased you by saying your porridge wasnt as good as it looks. But after you were pouting, he laughed and said,” i was joking. This’s the best porridge i ever eat.”

“ see? You are lying now.”

“ no i’m not!” kibum said. But you glared at him. He sighed. Dang. She’s hot when she did that.

“ no.. i’m not.. tarantula isnt better than this..”


Here it came.

“ YA! YOU.. KIM KIBUM! Why did you compare this with tarantula?! Now i’m angry!” you glanced him, mad. He smiled. He walked to you and kiss your lips passionately.

Wait. You just said you are angry with him. But yeah. Who cares. You gave up in a second and you let him kiss you deeply.

“ sorry,” he said, broke the kiss,” you know, i’m so happy to meet you this early morning..” then he kissed you again, lightly.

“ emm.. yeah. Okay. I forgive you,” you said. He smirked.

“ because of the kiss?”

Your cheeks were blushing again. He laughed and said, “ well, i have to change my clothes. A talk show is waiting me, and the top of that, it’s a live show. You can watch it at 12 pm, on xx channel.”

“ emm.. alright. I’ll help you change..”

“ wait. You want to see me topless?”

Dang. You frowned.

You eyes went wider in a shock. “ OMG KIBUUUUM!” then you puffing your cheeks out, mad again. But in kibum’s eyes, it’s different.

“ Ahahaha! Why are you so cute? Aiih let me give you a peck,” then he gave you a peck on your cheek. you cupped his face with your hand. “ oh dear. Just change the clothes. I’ll prepare some snacks for you. Kimbab, alright?”

He nodded happily then he went to his room.

After few minutes, he came near you and you gave him a lunch box.

“ you are gonna stay in here,  right? I’ll give you the key, if you want to go outside,” kibum said. You shook your head. “ no, i’ll just stay here and use your sweater. I love your scent, tee-hee. We havent met for a week, right? I want to keep this precious moment, when i can stay in your house.”

Kibum embraced you in his arms. “ i’ll be back afternoon. Wait for me, okay? You can use my bed if you want to sleep.”

“ .. dont attack me when you come in, okay?”

Busted. Kibum only made a strange smile. “ alright. I have to go now. Bye, dear!”

.. and then he left.

You turned back and went to his room. It was damn messy. You sighed and then made the bed. You took kibum’s sweater and wore it. You saw the clock, and it was still 9am. Being with kibum for 2hours feels like 2seconds. You walked to living room and took the remote. You turned the TV on, then while waiting for the talk show, you watched a cartoon.

And as the time passed, it has been hours you watched the cartoon. You switched the channel to the channel kibum told you.

Whoa. It’s already begun.

You watched it quietly. He was so adorable. His smile never failed to make your day, and you smiled also, without you noticed it.

But then your smile was dissappear, when the MC asked UKISS’s ideal type.

And.. Kibum’s turn now.

“ .. well, f(x) sulli is quite pretty, i heart her, reminds me of someone…”


You left the living room, didnt hear kibum’s words again.

“ … but i have another type..”

You walked to kibum’s room and laying on his bed. You sighed.

It’s true.

You are his girlfriend, but an ordinary girl like you never can beat the beautiful female idols. You wonder, why did kibum choose you at the first place?

You left a sigh, and closed your eyes. You felt so sad, and hugged yourself, sniffed kibum’s scent from his sweater. He had a lovely scent. You felt an unbearable pain. You cant help anything but just sighed countless time. This’s the risk bcs i choose an idol as my boy¸ you thought.

But.. i wonder if.. he really meant that..

You couldnt think anything straight, and thinking too much. You couldnt stop your fallen tears too. With your worries, you fell asleep.

… 2hours later, Kibum came in. Where’s she? Kibum wondered. Kibum saw the turned on TV. You havent turned it off. Kibum looked for you, and found you, asleep on his bed. Kibum took off his jacket and pulled his body to his bed. Kibum saw tears on your face. He sighed. You must watched the show. Kibum didnt think before, the MC would give him a sensitive question. Kibum kissed your eyes, and you were awaken bcs of that.

“ ergh.. kibum.. you finally done with your show?” you asked.

“ yeah..” he whispered, laying on bed too,” im sorry for making you wait me.”

“ no problem..” you remembered that again, and your face turned red, sad. Kibum sighed and touched your cheeks. “ sorry. You must hv watched it, havent you?”

“ i have..” you replied, sighed. “ but it cant be help. You are.. an idol.. after all. I’m just an ordinary high-school girl. Well, it wasnt weird if you said sulli as your.. ideal type.”

Kibum eyes went wider. “ hah? My ideal type?”

“ yeah. You said that, huh?”

Suddenly he bursted laugh. “ oh dear. You didnt hear my words again, did you?”

You looked clueless. “ he? What?”

He smiled. “ yeah, i did mention sulli. But i just said, i heart her because she’s cute, reminds me of my cousin.. and yet, my cousin is a baby.”

You were shocked. Baby?!

“ and then, i said again..” he slid closer to you, “ i have another type of my ideal girl, which i never find in female celebrities.”

You blinked your eyes. He hugged you tight. “ i said, i love a girl who can make me porridge every morning, and doesnt want me to compare her foods to tarantula. The MC thought i was joking because i laughed. But, it was true. Jeez, you should watch it..”

You couldnt open your mouth. He whispered. “emm, i love a girl who fits in my arms when i embrace her too.. and.. yeah, I love you.”

Then he kissed you, and you were tearing.

Omg. How i love this tarantula boy, you thought. When he hugged you, you felt relieved, because you realized something. You are fit enough in his arm.

“ oh yeah.. you see..” he smirked,” you know, we are on my bed.. so..”

“ he?”

“ I mean, we can ‘play’. Ehe.”

Your face turned red. “ OMG, KIM KIBUM!” you glared at him and he begged you for mercy, but he found you looked so hot when you glared. He pulled you to bed, staring at you. “ oh yeah, i dont care now whether you’ll get mad or not, i’ll do whatever i like..”

Try to guess what’s going on there, readers. Lol.



OMG my fail english makes it looks soo weird! but if i wrote it in english, it’ll more weird since i use ‘You’ instead of the girl’s name. this concept is inspired by someone who makes a ff starring SHINee and ‘You’. Lol.

*selanjutnya kalau bikin oneshot, mungkin konsepnya bakal gini dan berbahasa inggris juga, walaupun nanti bisa bikin yang bahasa Indonesia dan konsepnya beda hihi*


Ah Ra.


Comments on: "[One-Shot] … AND YEAH, I LOVE YOU" (17)

  1. wow xD * excited *

  2. LOL, u r so sweet lovely girl, nadhila 🙂 I love this fanfic and I love u ! Hahaha

  3. New style~
    i love to read FF like this.. in english 😀

  4. LOL so they’re going to ‘PLAY’, ON BED?


    Nice FF, Nadhila!!

    Keep writing on our blog, kay ^^

    • yes yes they are playing it! imagine by urself lol pervie starts xD

      OMG you r the one who love my fail english *cries* THANKYOU 😀

      • LOL we all are the learner for english, don’t need to think about the ‘fail’. Everyone has it ^^

      • haha well bcs of i hv seen a ff which use “xxx and you” series, she used ‘you’ instead the girl name, so i tried to write by using ‘you’ xD and some of ff did the same concept, it’s actually fun to do a ff like this xD

        sure we do. omg thankyouuu love ❤

  5. nadhila aka ah ra-sshi my lovely bring so much ideas for me in this ff

    keep writing dear, you know i love you so much (truly love her or her briliant mind which can make any bad ideas in second blink???)

    whatever, i love you so much dhilaaa..and congrats about the admin..teee-heeee

    playing on bed remind me of something..*evil blink*

    • of course haha i hv thousand ideas about smutty lol but i wont make it explicit xD

      and you know the quiz that told me i hv personality like almighty key and as competitive as minho? lol. you wont call me genius evil for nothing right HAHA.

  6. hyunrikim said:

    onnie, bagus kok ff-nya~
    jadi minder jelek huhu 😦

  7. sashalicia said:

    omo~~~ ah ra ssi…i really love your story, really! since ‘because i really love you’, and then this, i really love your story flow, your smart word, etc~~
    bnr deh, br kali ni aq bnr2 ngefans ama pmbuat ff, yaitu kamu~~~ *tanpa mngecilkan pmbuat ff laen*
    gaya critamu bnr2 enak bgt dbaca, sumpah deh, km bnr2 pnulis yg brbakat…i think you will become a great author if u send your sample story to gramedia, maybe~~~ 😀
    oh y, salam kenal y 🙂

    • omg im so touched to know i hv silent reader who loves my story! *huggssss*

      kalo aku baru nemuin gaya nulis pas nulis ff, walaupun sempet nulis cerita, tp aku ngerasa nemuin ‘dunia’ pas nulis ff. mungkin nanti kalo dapet hidayah lagi aku bakal nyoba nulis cerita non ff 😀 thankyou so much bb! nice to know you! ❤

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