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After counting the amount of comments and polling result, FansinFiction’s staffs will gladly announce the winner of Fanfiction & Design Competition.


@Shadeena_ for her ‘Because of Wine’ fanfiction (48,72 % with 17 comments) and

@nadhirelf for her cute Hello Design ^_______^

The prize is SM THE BALLAD 1ST MINI ALBUM (for fanfiction competition) and BONAMANA ALBUMS – ASIA & LOCAL EDITION (for design competition).

Please send your adress to or (admin ahra’s as in the charge of prize)

For further more please contact @FansinFiction or @xxcmh09.

Once again, congratulation and thank you everyone for the participation ^__________^


Design Accepted

1. SHINee  Hello by Nadhira Amalia


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From Us to You

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Silat I’m In Love

Tittle : Silat I’m In Love
Author : Lee Haeyeon
Genre : comedy & romance
Length : Series
Rating : T
A/N : oooohhh akhirnya selesai juga chapter 1!!! *gulung2* #abaikan . ff perdana yang ak post di sini loh *busungin dada* mian kalo ffnya gaje banget *bows ke readers* oke, happy reading yaa .. jangan lupa komen, awas kalo gak komen! *todongin bedil* xD

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[ONESHOT] Hot Times

Title: Hot Times

Pairing: Heechul/OC (Taeyeon)

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut

Summary: Taeyeon muak. Ia ingin tampil berani, berbeda, mencoba menjadi bagian dari bad people yang selama ini selalu dipandang rendah olehnya.

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Title: Why did I end up falling for you?

Pairing: Eeteuk/OC (Taeyeon)

Rating: PG

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Drama, Angst

Author: ayoshiari

A/N: Really, it may help if you play Doushite by Tohoshinki while reading this fanfic. It worth =)

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Tittle: Aku Melakukan Apa Yang Kamu Lihat
Writter: Kim Hye Jin
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG 15
Cast: LeeJoon, Donghae, YooBin, SooYoung
Tagged: Lee Joon Donghae Super Junior Yoo Bin Soo Young SNSD

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Title: Immortal

Author: Choi Ahra

Rating: G

Pairing: 2min

Genre: AU [Alternate Universe], Romance, English Fanfiction [i’m major, and minor in bahasa now, crap]

Summary: Because there’s no such thing that you called, immortal, maybe.

a/n: having a hard time writing self insert fanfiction, instead i’m getting good in 2min and onkey, pleasing me well. x-posted on my livejournal. I don’t recieve any SHINee fiction request beside 2min/onkey due to some personal reasons ^___^



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Title: Unpredictable
Author: Ridandelions
Casts: Shin Hyo Yoo, Kim Heechul, Jung Yunho, others
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshoot
Disclaimer: I just own the plot. The characters and others belong to themselves.
*a/n: really, this is fail ==v comments are really really loved ❤

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